Volatile liquids | 'Under Pressure' - Automated Adjustment and Measurement of Volatile Substances

Anton Paar’s SVM 2001 / 3001 with Xsample 530 and Pressurized Measurement Unit (PMU) has for some time now enabled simple and reliable viscosity measurement of samples with elevated vapor pressure and/or low boiling point at elevated temperatures. What is new now: the SVM 2001 / 3001 can also be adjusted under pressure with the aid of the sample changer.

In-service oils, solvents or low viscosity samples with a boiling point close to the measuring temperature often contain volatile components. For this reason, special measuring conditions under pressure are required. Performing a measurement under pressure helps with retaining all components in the sample and gives reliable and repeatable results. The automatic sample changer Xsample 530, equipped with a Pressurized Measurement Unit (PMU), enables filling the measuring system under pressure and successfully measures samples with trapped volatile components under sealed conditions. But, measurements under pressure influence the result. Deviations in viscosity and density can reach up to 1 % per 1 bar, depending on sample and temperature. To reduce such deviations, now also a Full Range Adjustment of SVM under pressure can be performed. 

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