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Lab execution software:
AP Connect

  • Digital flow of information, no manual data handling needed
  • Saves time and eliminates reading and transcription errors
  • All your information available in one place and at any time
  • Communicate with your existing data management systems via a customizable interface
  • Kickstart your paperless lab
  • Featuring main benefits of the Standard edition
  • Restricted to one instrument, single user access and one export rule
  • Now: 100% discount on checkout!
  • Time-saving – automatic and digital data transfer
  • Data quality guarantee – elimination of transcription errors
  • Fast decisions – data at your fingertips
  • Subscription license (billed yearly)
  • All features of the Standard edition
  • Complete traceability of activities in your lab
  • Compliant with data integrity regulations
  • Subscription license (billed yearly)
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Research is complex, but this is easy. Plug and play. All your lab data just a click away. Intuitive, liberating, great. AP Connect is lab software that connects your instruments, communicates measurement information, ensures compliance.

There are 3 editions: Start, Standard, Pharma. 

Begin with the free AP Connect Start… More features? Upgrade to an annual subscription with Standard or Pharma – for intensely regulated industries, with digital approval processes, audit trails, dedicated role management etc.

Scaled prices and perpetual license available on request. Please contact us.


Great data handling with AP Connect: Go paperless. Eliminate transcription errors. Trigger measurements with 10+ parameters. Centralize your lab data, with storage of tens of thousands of measurements in a single digital space, connect it with 50+ Anton Paar instruments, and tap into it whenever you want. With the AP Connect lab execution software, your data is available at a snap, and it’s accessible from any network computer. Streamlining your data flow frees up time for analysis. AP Connect: Lab automation your data deserve. Choose the AP Connect edition you need.

Go paperless with AP Connect Start - TODAY.

  • Install in 3 steps
  • Just Plug & Play: Lab execution software, the easy way
  • Kick-start your paperless lab today

3 easy steps

  1. Install AP Connect
  2. Log in to AP Connect
  3. Register your instruments (connected to your company network)

All you need

  • PC or server installation
  • Anton Paar instrument
  • Local network

Try it out!

  • Use AP Connect with full functionality for 60 days
  • Choose the license that best fits your needs:
    • AP Connect Start – for free: unlimited use with one instrument
    • AP Connect Standard
    • AP Connect Pharma

Go paperless
  • One network. One software solution. 50+ Anton Paar instruments.
  • Automatic transfer of all instrument data
  • Your lab, paperless


Still manually transferring/transcribing lab data from your instruments?


Connect your lab instruments to AP Connect and capture all the generated data using your local network infrastructure.

Your benefits

Zero transcription errors improves data handling quality. Zero paperwork saves precious time. 

Data collection

  • One central database, for all your measurement data
  • Access from across the company network
  • Digital space for tens of thousands of measurements


Dealing with lab data in various places and formats?

Measurement results not available on your PC?


AP Connect collects instrument data from measurements, adjustments, calibrations, and checks – as well as audit trails and signing steps – and stores it where you can find it. 

Your benefits

Instrument data management from any PC in your network. Time spent using information – not just searching for it. Resources freed up for data analysis. 

Data analysis
Data analysis

  • Lab data, at a glance, on your PC
  • Measurement details available any time
  • Easy comparison of results data, for a quick overview 


Testing your sample means analyzing results from various instruments?

Want to look up or compare details of your measurements any time, everywhere?


AP Connect’s results browser visualizes the complete data set of your measurements. Results, settings and meta information are available any time, on any PC on the network.

Your benefits

All your measurement data at a glance, available any time. Easier data analysis. Faster decisions in the lab. 

Audit trail
Audit trail

  • Transparency: Who. What. When. Where.
  • Reflect, filter and review your audit trail


Performing audits on a regular basis?

Need to trace activities in your lab?


AP Connect compiles a complete audit trail of all connected instruments, and of the software itself, in one database. All information is available for further analysis and review.

Your benefits

Transparency in your lab. Audit trails at your finger tips. Details displayed quickly and easily, in response to queries.

Approval process
Approval process
  • Submit. Review. Approve.
  • Approval process across instruments and software
  • Consider all lab data for approval


Need to review information from different sources, to make a statement about lab results?


With AP Connect, work in one system and define your approval process with up to 3 levels. An electronic signature confirms each process step.

Your benefits

Lab routine review & approval process reflected in a single software solution. No incorrect data leaves the lab.

Trigger measurements
  • Prepare on PC, measure automatically
  • Define measurements with 10+ parameters


Measuring many samples using sample changer?

Looking for an easy way to configure the series on your PC?


Manage measurement series on your PC and transfer them digitally to AP Connect. Measurements are triggered automatically on each instrument.

Your benefits

Lab automation using predefined templates for recurring measurement series. Time saved with individual PC management.

Roles & permissions
Roles & permissions
  • Grant access rights for roles
  • Ensure the system is not used without permission


Your business requires clear roles and assigned rights?


AP Connect provides a user with roles and permission management which can be connected to an active directory system.

Your benefits

You can implement a company-wide security concept by assigning specific roles and permissions to users in AP Connect, in alliance with your existing security regime.

Manual export
  • Fully control your data flow in the lab
  • Adapt the data exchange format to your needs
  • Actively select the data to be transferred


Need full control over your data flow in the lab?

Need to select data and send it to the data management system?


With AP Connect, set custom filters and individually select the data to be exported. AP Connect offers several file formats and lets you configure the data sets.

Your benefits

Customized and targeted selection of data from your lab, for transfer to your data management system, in a single file.

Automatic export
Automatic export
  • Fully automatic. Transfer. Report. Archive.
  • Streamline data flow
  • Define rules for regular and recurring exports


Need to standardize the data flow in your lab? Want to document your lab actions?


AP Connect helps you set up various customizable export rules to save data to any destination on your network automatically.

Your benefits

Configure your connectivity once, and your data will flow automatically - without bothering you again.

Technical specifications

Available editions

Features Start Standard Pharma
Target customers For all customers who want to familiarize and grow with AP Connect and want to connect a single instrument. Broad-based. For labs, and applications, across industries, especially: Focused on labs in intensely regulated environments. For operators with specific stringent testing requirements, especially:
Industries Food & beverage industry Petroleum industry Chemical Industry Flavors & fragrance industry Food & beverage industry Petroleum industry Chemical Industry Flavors & fragrance industry Pharmaceutical industry Personal care industry Healthcare industry Nutraceutical industry Government compliance
License Free Subscription or Perpetual Subscription or Perpetual
Instrument connectivity 1 instrument up to 30 instruments up to 30 instruments
Data collection
Desktop installation
Data analysis
Data export
Configurable automatic export 1 rule up to 100 rules up to 100 rules
Supported file formats PDF, CSV PDF, XLS, CSV PDF, XLS, CSV
Server installation
Client installation (multi-user access) 1 client multiple clients multiple clients
User management using Active Directory
Connect to non AP instruments
Trigger measurements (automate measurements)
Roles and permissions
Approval process
Electronic signature
Audit trail
Compliant with Title 21 CFR Part 11

Minimum requirements for workstation and server installation

Minimum hardware requirements 2.5 GHz processor or faster
4 GB RAM (depending on the operating system)
Screen resolution 1080p
30 GB free disk space on system drive
Network connection
Supported operating systems Microsoft Windows 7 SP2
Microsoft Windows 10 (Version 1607 or higher)
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2016
Microsoft Windows Server 2019
Supported SQL servers MS SQL Server 2014
MS SQL Server 2016
MS SQL Server 2017
MS SQL Server 2019
Storage Up to 300,000 measurements (MS SQL Server Express Database)
Interface connectivity Ethernet / RS232
Export file format .csv, .xslx, .pdf

Anton Paar Certified Service

The Anton Paar quality in service and support:
  • More than 350 manufacturer-certified technical experts worldwide
  • Qualified support in your local language
  • Protection for your investment throughout its lifecycle
  • 3-year warranty
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