White paper: AP Connect in regulated environments

Data safety and security, minimizing risks and going paperless, all while ensuring the compliancy to FDA Title 21 CFR part 11 and ALCOA+ guidelines. See how AP Connect is part of the Anton Paar solution for customers in regulated environments.

Introduction - Overview

The daily work of laboratories is full of challenges concerning the complexity of data storage, seamless data flow, and the potential for transcription errors within non-digitized environments.

AP Connect, our data management software, is designed with an understanding of the daily struggles within laboratories operating in regulated environments, following strict FDA Title 21 CFR part 11 and ALCOA+ guidelines. As an important link between instruments and laboratory information management systems (LIMS), AP Connect eliminates data silos, automates critical processes, and improves traceability, enabling laboratories to eliminate inefficiencies and errors.

We provide a solution that bridges the gap between the heterogeneous array of instruments on a lab bench and the place where data is processed further.

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