Streamline task management: Use of custom barcodes to populate tasklists in AP Connect

The integration of custom barcodes by formatting them to populate AP Connect tasklists streamlines laboratory workflows, reduces manual errors and increases efficiency. This approach significantly improves productivity in laboratories, e.g. in production environments.


Barcodes are everywhere – also in the fast-paced world of laboratory operations, barcode systems are a very efficient way to go. Laboratories and production facilities face the challenge of maximizing productivity while minimizing errors. Barcodes, for example from different batches, can store data, and offer an effective way to track and manage data across the entire value chain of a production process. They can simplify the measurement process and enable fast and error-free identification and documentation of samples and results. This accelerates workflows, enhances data traceability, and is crucial for the outcomes of research and production processes.

Ideally the barcodes used in the production process or codes that samples are given at the time of probing can be directly used for data entry for the measurements in the laboratory. Often barcodes will have different formats, other separator signs used or would need additional information for measurements.

In this example, the barcode (Figure 1) is generated at the time of sampling and contains the batch number (1001), the substance being analyzed (Glycosesyrup), the reaction time (14 hours and 30 minutes), and the location where the sample was taken (valve A). Part of the information contained in this barcode can be used as the sample name or a custom data field of a corresponding measurement.

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