Automate your measurements with the AP Connect tasklist

With the tasklist of the AP Connect Standard Edition, measurements for many Anton Paar instruments can be started remotely. This allows a series of measurements to be prepared on the computer to increase efficiency in the laboratory.


Nowadays, efficiency is a top priority in the laboratory. Errors cost time and money, which is why many laboratories want to optimize and digitalize their processes.

AP Connect has already been successfully used as laboratory software for collecting measurement data, not only from Anton Paar instruments, but also from instruments from other vendors. With the new tasklist feature in AP Connect, not only data can be collected, but measurements can also be actively started remotely.

Tip: The tasklist is only provided with the Standard Edition of AP Connect. The Pharma Edition does not support this feature.

The tasklist feature allows efficient management of routine tasks and supports various use cases that can significantly reduce manual data entry errors. A tasklist in AP Connect allows users to manage lists of measurements (tasks) for specific instruments, enabling remote initiation of these tasks. It's supported by selected instruments and is ideal for labs looking to automate their measurement processes.

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