The Field Guide to Data Integrity in Regulated Industries

Safe. Powerful. Compliant. Whether you seek to bolster your expertise or expand your horizons, this e-book is your trusted companion. Just remember: Compliance and data integrity don’t have to be bitter pills to swallow!

Compliance in regulated industries is often seen as a major burden since it’s considered timeconsuming, and requires effort and a good understanding of key concepts. These days, manufacturers of laboratory instruments not only aim to provide excellent measuring technology, tools, services, and documentation, but also – and this is becoming more and more crucial – instrument software features that support you in your daily laboratory operations and, at the same time, help you fulfill compliance regulations. This short guide provides insight into essential topics. It presents a laboratory instrument manufacturer’s perspective on solutions required with regard to requirements in the pharmaceutical, life science and biotech industries. Without a doubt, to ensure safe and effective products for consumers, regulatory compliance is a cornerstone in these industries.

Throughout the chapters that follow, we explore important subjects, simplifying complex ideas to provide practical insights for both seasoned professionals and newcomers. We want to empower you with knowledge that aids your decision-making and elevates your laboratory practices.

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