Powder Rheology 5: Wall Friction and Compressibility – Simple but Powerful Powder Parameters

Powder Rheology 5: Wall Friction and Compressibility – Simple but Powerful Powder Parameters


The fifth webinar in the series on powder rheology concentrates on three powder parameters which depend on the applied stresses: wall friction, compressibility, and permeability.

These parameters are easy and fast to measure with the Powder Cell for MCR rheometers and help you get many different powder properties, such as bulk density, as well as characteristics like powder flow, Carr index, and more.

Wall friction is the friction between a powder and a solid surface. This parameter is important when bulk solids flow over solid surfaces, but also for the design of silos, hoppers, bins, and chutes.

Compressibility describes the bulk density behavior in dependence of a consolidation stress. The relation of bulk density before and after consolidation can give indications on flow properties. A rheological measurement yields more precise information than traditional tapping measurements because the bulk density and the flow indicators (Carr index, Hausner ratio) are given in dependence of a specific applied normal stress – as is the case in a real application.





Date: 1969-12-31, 20:00 - 20:00 (EST UTC-05:00)
Language: English
Trainer: Dr. Abhi Shetty, Dr. Timothy Aschl

Dr. Abhishek Shetty is the Lead Scientist for the Rheology division at Anton Paar USA. Dr. Shetty has extensive expertise in new product and process development, leading large commercialization teams, discovery projects, new technology evaluation and new product innovation. As Lead Scientist for Rheology at Anton Paar USA, Dr. Shetty's work includes partnering with business and collaboration partners in academia and industry to discover new testing needs. Dr. Shetty's work with teams spans across the globe to develop new advanced applications pertaining to rheology, using advanced rheometric tools. Dr. Shetty received his degrees in Chemical Engineering from National Institute of Technology Karnataka (BS) and University of Michigan (MS) (Ph.D).

Timothy Aschl is the global product manager for powder rheology at Anton Paar since 2017. He holds a PhD in chemistry from the École Polytechnique, France where he researched biosensors. His Master’s degree in technical physics was obtained from the Technical University of Graz, with a focus on biofuels.

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