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The whole world of viscometry and rheometry

Everything – from liquids to solids – flows in a certain way and affects our daily lives: from the paint you decorate your walls with, to the toothpaste you squeeze out of its tube, to a tennis ball you throw at the court during your Sunday match. Flow and deformation behavior are essential parameters when it comes to material characterization. Viscometers and rheometers are the ideal tools to see whether your sample is in the right flow.

ViscoQC 100/300 – rotational viscometers

Ready to use right out of the box, the ViscoQC series provides you with accurate and fast viscosity measurements using the most intelligent features to simplify and increase performance in your daily quality control routine.

Profit now from our limited free trial offer to test either ViscoQC 100 for quick single-point checks or the all-rounder ViscoQC 300 that is perfectly suited for multi-point checks and a lot more.

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Applications of ViscoQC 100/300

The ViscoQC series analyzes the viscosity of materials in various industries, such as the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and personal care sectors, and many more. It performs quality control checks on incoming goods, intermediate products during production/processing, and end products.

Get the latest digital rotational viscometers now and benefit from trustable, well-documented results. ViscoQC 100 is even available through our webshop.

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Viscometry and rheometry: your full-range supplier

Anton Paar has been an expert in the fields of viscometry and rheometry since the beginning and offers the right instrument for every need. Now the market leader in rheometry has added entry-level rotational viscometers to its portfolio to complete the range. We provide instruments for single-point rotational measurements, flow curves, structural analysis in oscillation, and sophisticated material analysis with two drive units in one device. Your sample is our challenge! Let us find the right solution for you!

RheolabQC and MCR 72/92 – rotational rheometers

RheolabQC, MCR 72, and MCR 92 are the best choices for quick and easy rheological measurements. Whereas RheolabQC and MCR 72 are equipped with a ball-bearing drive, MCR 92 employs the highly sensitive air-bearing EC drive from the renowned MCR series. In this way you can also perform more sophisticated oscillatory tests with MCR 92 not only for analysis of the flow behavior but also of the structure of your sample. All three models benefit from the very useful features of the MCR series, such as Toolmaster™ for automatic tool recognition, Peltier temperature control and configuration, and the step-by-step software RheoCompass™.

MCR Modular Compact Rheometer series – rotational and oscillatory rheometers

The most important thing to know about the MCR series is that it has a broad portfolio of measuring systems and accessories that open up almost endless possibilities. You can equip MCR 102, 302, and 502 with all kinds of temperature devices to measure in different temperature ranges, or apply humidity or an electric or magnetic field and so much more. Also different kinds of measuring systems for samples of all consistencies from liquid to solid can be combined with the MCR series. The air-bearing supported EC-drive ensures highly precise results in both rotational and oscillatory mode.

MCR 702 MultiDrive – rotational and oscillatory rheometer with two drives

MCR 702 MultiDrive is a groundbreaking high-end rheometer in a class of its own. Equipped with two rotational EC-drives or one rotational EC-drive and one linear drive nothing is impossible in terms of rheological measurements and dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA). This device can be operated in single-drive mode (only the upper EC-drive is used), twin-drive mode (both EC-drives are used), and DMA mode (linear drive is used for DMA measurements). Your imagination is the limit.


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