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Dynamic Shear Rheometer:

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The dynamic shear rheometers (DSR) SmartPave 92 and SmartPave 102 allow precise measurements on asphalt binder and bitumen. Features such as Toolmaster™, QuickConnect, a Peltier temperature device for dry sample heating, and step-by-step instructions for measuring procedures according to AASHTO T315, AASHTO T350, AASHTO TP101, ASTM D7175, ASTM D7405, and DIN EN 14770 guarantee the most convenient operation. For measurements according to AASHTO T316, ASTM D4402, and DIN EN 13302 both instruments can be equipped with a Peltier-temperature-controlled measurement chamber for concentric cylinder geometries.

Key features

Two models to cover the whole spectrum of rheological asphalt and bitumen testing

Two models to cover the whole spectrum of rheological asphalt and bitumen testing

The well-established SmartPave dynamic shear rheometers are able to analyze unmodified as well as modified asphalt binder and bitumen in a wide temperature range, either according to standards or with classic rheological methods. While SmartPave 102 is the instrument which meets the highest measurement demands, SmartPave 92 is designed especially for the demands of quality control and routine measurements in asphalt test labs.

The RheoCompass™ software: new paths for asphalt and bitumen testing

The RheoCompass™ software: new paths for asphalt and bitumen testing

RheoCompass™ is a navigation tool that gives you the complete overview as well as the exact insights you require. It contains numerous templates that are tailored specifically to the needs of the asphalt industry. The predefined test procedures contain step-by-step instructions for all test types as defined by AASHTO, ASTM, DIN EN, and FGSV.

Unique accessories for easy handling

Unique accessories for easy handling

SmartPave 92’s and SmartPave 102’s unique temperature control unit is the first Peltier heating system with heating elements above and below the sample. Furthermore, the instruments feature Toolmaster™ – the only completely contact-free automatic tool recognition and configuration system for rheometers. It recognizes measuring systems and temperature control units as soon as they are connected to the rheometer so you don’t need to enter any data manually.

Fully automatic temperature calibration

Fully automatic temperature calibration

Anton Paar offers fully automatic temperature calibration and verification routines in the RheoCompass™ software. Temperature accuracy and stability are crucial in asphalt testing. The unique automatic temperature calibration routine ensures temperature gradients <0.1 °C.

Experienced experts close to you

Experienced experts close to you

Anton Paar’s worldwide service network ensures that an expert on your system is always close by. Numerous installed instruments around the globe, an extensive application database, and cooperation with civil engineering institutes confirm that Anton Paar is the first choice for answering any rheological question on your asphalt binder and bitumen you might have. 

Technical specifications

Technical Data SmartPave 92
SmartPave 102
Bearing  Air Air
EC motor  Yes Yes
Maximum torque 125 mNm 200 mNm
Min. torque (rotation) 1 µNm 5 nNm
Min. torque (oscillation) 1 µNm 7.5 nNm
Torque resolution 100 nNm 0.5 nNm
Angular deflection
(set value)
1 µrad to ∞ µrad 1 µrad to ∞ µrad
Angular resolution 614 nrad 10 nrad
Min. angular velocity 10-4 rad/s 10-8 rad/s
Max. angular velocity 157 rad/s 314 rad/s
Max. speed 1500 1/min 3000 1/min
Min. angular frequency 10-4 rad/s 10-7 rad/s
Max. angular frequency 628 rad/s 628 rad/s
Normal force range 0.01 N to 50 N
Normal force resolution 1 mN
Max. temperature range -40 °C to +200 °C -40 °C to +200 °C
Toolmaster™ Yes Yes
QuickConnect Yes Yes
Automatic gap setting (AGC/AGS) Yes Yes
TruGap™ (innovative and patented system for measuring the gap) No Yes
T-Ready™ (automatically detects and transmits the sample temperature) No Yes
Normal force and velocity profiles, tack, squeeze No Yes


AASHTO T315 / ASTM D7175
(SHRP-Test/SuperPave PG)
 Yes Yes
AASHTO T316 / ASTM D4402
DIN EN 13302 & 13702
(Rotational Viscosity)
 Yes Yes
AASHTO T350 / ASTM D7405
DIN EN 16659
Yes Yes
AASHTO TP101-UL (LAS-Test) No Yes
FGSV AL 721 (Constant Shear Rate)
FGSV AL 722 (Temperature Sweep)
FGSV AL 723 (MSCR-Test)
Yes Yes
Master Curves Optional Yes
Measurement of rubber-modified bitumen No Yes
Low-temperature measurements -30°C (parallel plate) No Yes
Low-temperature measurements -20°C (torsion) No Yes





ASTM D4402
ASTM D7175 "SHRP-Test"
ASTM D7405 "MSCR-Test"
ASTM D7552


DIN EN 13302
DIN EN 14770
DIN EN 16659 "MSCR-Test"
DIN EN 103702


FGSV AL 721 Constant Shear Rate
FGSV AL 722 Temperature Sweep

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