Characterization of Bitumen According to AASHTO T315 / ASTM D7175 with a SmartPave Rheometer

How SmartPave devices can be successfully applied for the grading and the verification of different bitumen types according to the American standards


The SmartPave device is a dynamic shear rheometer (DSR) and is based on the MCR technology of the MCR rheometer series by Anton Paar with the proven EC drive.

The patented Peltier measurement cell in combination with the active Peltier hood enables a fully dry temperature control of the sample.

There is a broad choice of standard rheological tests available in the handy software as well as especially tailored test templates for the characterization of bitumen.

These templates allow even unexperienced users to conduct precise measurements according to AASHTO T315 und ASTM D7175 by means of a step-by-step guidance.

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