Guide to complete mechanical characterization of hard coatings for cutting tools


Hard coatings are used to increase the hardness and wear resistance of cutting tools and other devices. The coatings are applied via PVD or CVD and they are typically several micrometers thick. Among the most important coatings are TiAlN, CrN, TiN, DLC, ZrN and TiCN. All these coatings have to show good adhesion and high hardness in order to ensure high wear resistance. It is also important to know their coefficient of friction and how do they resist wear to avoid unnecessary heat generation and failure due to wear. This webinar will demonstrate the methods for measuring adhesion and scratch resistance, hardness, friction and wear as well as thickness of hard coatings in the tooling industry.

The main topics will be:

  • Adhesion and scratch resistance by the scratch testing
  • Measurement of hardness and elastic modulus by instrumented indentation
  • Simulation of friction and wear of hard coatings by pin-on-disk tribology
  • Thickness measurement by Calotest




















Dátum: 1970-01-01, 02:00 - 02:00 (CET UTC+01:00)
Language („Nyelv”): English
Oktató: Jiří Nohava, PhD.

Jiri Nohava is the product competence manager at Anton Paar TriTec. He obtained his PhD in Materials Science at the Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic). He joined Anton Paar TriTec in 2007 and has since become a specialist in instrumented indentation, scratch testing, and tribology. His main task is the development of new applications using Anton Paar products via scientific and industrial projects.

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