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Accessory for Step Platforms:
Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

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  • Versatile AFM solution for various scientific and industrial applications
  • Imaging and analysis capabilities offering nanoscale surface information
  • Non-destructive interaction with samples

Surface morphology is vital for high-tech surfaces with features extending to a few nanometers. The AFM can be combined with our scratch and indentation testers on a versatile Step platform which facilitates easy examination of such features under ambient conditions. It offers nanoscale resolution, precise mapping, and versatile quantitative measurements for assessing materials.

Key features

Explore surface topography and get precise quantitative insights

Explore surface topography and get precise quantitative insights

The Atomic Force Microscope elevates your imaging and analysis capabilities by delivering nanoscale surface information. Its precision when it comes to surface features (down to a few nanometers) and surface roughness (below a nanometer) exceeds that of alternative techniques, and it operates as a non-destructive imaging tool.

Integrated camera: detailed surface overview

Integrated camera: detailed surface overview

The integrated top-view camera ensures a detailed surface overview, enabling precise localization and alignment of sample areas under the cantilever. The side-view camera guides the initial rapid approach a few micrometers before the AFM seamlessly transitions for the final automatic approach. Furthermore, the software links allow easy visualization of indentation imprints and scratch paths. What’s more, the utilization of cantilevers with alignment grooves eliminates the need for laser alignment, minimizing off-time and simplifying handling during experiments.

Different modes for a thorough examination

Different modes for a thorough examination

The AFM goes beyond conventional topography exploration, enabling the visualization of additional material properties, like phase information, as well as magnetic and electrical properties.

Technical specifications

Feature Description
Maximum scan range (XY) 110 µm
Maximum Z range 22 µm
XY-linearity mean error <0.6 %
Z-measurement noise level (RMS, static mode) < 500 pm
Z-measurement noise level (RMS, dynamic mode) < 150 pm
Mounting Removable scan head (86 x 45 x 61 mm) with 3-point quick-lock mounting plate
Alignment of cantilever Automatic self-alignment for cantilevers with alignment grooves
Automatic approach range 4.5 mm (1.5 mm below focal plane of internal optics)
Sample observation Dual USB video camera system (simultaneous top and side view) 5 MP, 1.4 mm x 1 mm, color top view5 MP, 3.1 mm x 3.5 mm, color side view of sample and cantilever
Sample illumination White LEDs (brightness 0-100%); Axial illumination for top view

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