• Expanded Service and Sales Network for Anton Paar TorqueTec

    On August 1, 2023, Anton Paar acquired the German company Brabender, which will be integrated into the Anton Paar Group as Anton Paar TorqueTec. As a result of the acquisition, customers will now also benefit from Anton Paar's global service and sales network.

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  • Flow with Anton Paar

    With our new Coriolis meters, we’re now a one-stop-shop for your inline measurements. The multiparameter measurement, including mass flow, density, and concentration, provides in-depth analysis of your process.

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  • Get Your Free E-Book about Tribology for Automotive Applications

    Learn about a range of topics, including wear protection of surfaces, degree of oxidation and corrosion of metal parts, stability at high temperature, effective sealing, and sliding conditions.

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  • International XRD Symposium 2024

    Hosted by the Graz University of Technology and Anton Paar in the Austrian city of Graz, we’ll be discussing the latest advances and research in the field of powder XRD. Event date: July 9 to July 11, 2024.

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  • Say Hello to Our New Subsidiaries: Anton Paar Vietnam and Anton Paar Peru

    Starting on January 1, 2024, we´re excited to be able to offer closer support and customer service at our new locations. 

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Laboratory Instrumentation

Anton Paar has a long history of providing high-end laboratory instruments: density meters, refractometers, polarimeters, instruments for sample preparation and synthesis, viscometers, rheometers, and instruments for material characterization.

Laboratory Instrumentation

Process Instrumentation

Anton Paar has your solution for inline production monitoring: The portfolio covers density and concentration sensors, inline refractometers, process viscometers and sensors for measuring dissolved CO₂.

Process Instrumentation

Automation & Robotics

Anton Paar designs custom-tailored automation solutions from the first idea to final production: sample changers for automating single devices, robotically operated rheometers and a platform which automates multiple instruments.

Automation & Robotics

Local Memberships & Promise of Quality

Anton Paar Nordic AB - Company Overview Information

The Anton Paar Group develops, produces, distributes and provides support for analytical instruments used in research, development and quality control worldwide. Located in Malmö, Sweden, Anton Paar Nordic provides sales, application support and service to users across Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Anton Paar produces high-end measuring and laboratory instruments for industry and research. It is the world leader in the measurement of density, concentration and CO₂ and in the field of rheometry. Other areas of specialty are: Petroleum testing, microwave synthesis, viscometry, polarimetry, refractometry, X-ray scattering, sample preparation and surface characterization.

The core competence of Anton Paar – high-precision production – and close contact to the scientific community form the basis for the quality of Anton Paar’s instruments. Continuous training and investments in R&D ensure that Anton Paar products live up to their excellent reputation.

Anton Paar Nordic AB Filial Danmark

Lautruphøj 1
2750 Ballerup

Tel. +4532422570

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 08:00AM - 04:00PM