Process Sensors

Process Sensors

The new generation of process sensors by Anton Paar

To achieve the highest product quality, to minimize production and maintenance costs, and to react immediately to deviations in the production line, the continuous control and analysis of the production process are mandatory. The improved visibility of all process steps goes hand in hand with increased product quality. Therefore, the best process instrumentation is required.

Decades of experience are the basis of well-proven technologies. Their continuous development according to top trends in technology as well as customer requirements lead to innovations such as Anton Paar’s new Pico 3000 transmitter. This innovation represents an additional platform alongside the existing Smart Sensor platform.

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No compromises – the best measuring technology for your needs

Having a broad portfolio of measuring technologies on hand, we are able to help you choose the best one for each particular application.

This enables you to

  • measure physical properties accurately and
  • measure concentrations directly.

Process sensors operate as absolute and independent measuring devices and can be closely linked to laboratory reference instruments for inline calibration via automated interfaces. 

Customized solutions for your critical process control points

Anton Paar delivers customized measuring solutions beyond single sensors. We support you in choosing the right sensor technology, based on our longstanding application know-how in concentration measurement, and provide engineering support during integration. You benefit further from in-house concentration formula development suiting your defined application requirements. In this way, plant designers can concentrate on their core tasks and do not need to spend time on defining the measuring point.

Flexibility in integration results in minimum investment costs

The scalable and modular sensor platform allows you to choose the components and configurations which are exactly in line with your system architecture. Starting with the first system engineering phase you benefit from various process connectors, materials for wetted parts, user interfaces, data communication interfaces, controllers, and evaluation software.

Be productive 24/7

100 % availability is the objective. Our sensors are maintenance-free and only need a minimum of attention for the in-situ exchanging of wearing parts or consumables. Self-diagnosis functions ensure the highest degree of up-time and a minimum of process interruptions.

Ready for the future – safeguard your investment

The sensor platforms Pico 3000 and Smart utilize the latest technologies for measuring, data acquisition, digital signal processing, and data processing. Thus, today’s challenging measuring tasks can be mastered and the sensor hardware is prepared for future upgrades. New measuring and data processing algorithms as well as future application programs may be uploaded to the sensors via the built-in configuration port. The close integration of controllers, evaluation units, and software ensures data integrity, traceability, calibration data management, and statistical process control. The platform’s architecture opens the doors for future Industry 4.0 applications.



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