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High-Temperature Strip Heater Chambers:
HTK 16N | HTK 2000N

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The HTK 16N and HTK 2000N high temperature chambers are well-proven instruments for in-situ X-ray diffraction studies up to 1600 °C and 2300 °C, respectively. The sample is directly heated with a heating filament. The design of HTK 16N and HTK 2000N allows you to work at high temperatures in different atmospheres. The instruments are made of high-quality materials which guarantee a long working life.

Key features

Minimized sample displacement during heating

  • High position stability of the heating filament over the whole temperature range
  • Precise linear stage which compensates for thermal elongation of the heating filament
  • Integrated alignment slits for sample repositioning even at high temperatures

Accurate sample temperature

  • Optimized design for a minimum temperature gradient across the sample
  • Two thermocouples for controlling and measuring the sample temperature

Clever design

  • Superior design and use of high-grade materials
  • Variety of filament materials: platinum, tungsten, tantalum, graphite, and others on request
  • Unique graphite heating filament with detachable inert sample carrier plate
  • Simple handling and quick sample exchange

Technical specifications

Operating temperature
Tungsten heating
filament for vacuum (≤2.10-4 mbar)
25 °C to 2300 °C (HTK 2000N)
Platinum heating
filament (vacuum, air, inert gas)
25 °C to 1600 °C (HTK 16N / HTK 2000N)
Graphite heating
filament for vacuum (≤2.10-4 mbar)
25 °C to 1500 °C (HTK 16N)
Nitrogen 1400 °C (HTK 16N)
Helium 1300 °C (HTK 16N)
Temperature measurement
For Pt filaments Pt 10% RhPt thermocouple
For W filaments W 3% Re-W 25% Re thermocouple
For C filaments Pt 10% RhPt thermocouple
Atmospheres Vacuum (10-4mbar), air, intert gas
Max. operating pressure 0.5 bar above atmospheric pressure
Angle of incidence 4 to 164° 2Θ
Measure geometry Reflection

Anton Paar Certified Service

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Part number: 223464
Product details
The XRD-Guide gives an overview from instrumentation, analysis, and data interpretation to applications. It gives an introduction to non-ambient X-ray diffraction (NA-XRD) and aims to give a global overview on the main instrumentation and applications. The XRD-Guide is intended to help people new to the field of NA-XRD analysis.

NEEDLE FOR Xsample 530 TYPE 3

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Heating strip made of tantalum with welded Pt-10%RhPt thermocouple.


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Heating strip made of tungsten with welded W3%Re-W25%Re thermocouple.