For us, ESG (environmental, social, governance) criteria are more than just guidelines that we have to fulfill. At Anton Paar, they’ve always been part of a responsibility that we bear out of conviction. We take measures to protect the environment, are committed to social projects, live equal rights, and regard social and transparent business ethics as a matter of course.


Energy and the environment have been essential elements of our corporate business activities for many years.

  • The 3,200 m² photovoltaic system at our headquarters in Graz, Austria, generates over 630,000 kWh of energy per year
  • Over 36 % of our heating at our base locations is satisfied via alternative energy sources
  • The photovoltaic system saves over 128 tons of CO₂ per year
  • We offer incentives for employees who don’t use a car to go to work
  • For the new Technology Center in Graz, we’re building one of the largest ice storage tanks in Europe to significantly increase energy efficiency
  • Around 20 % of the company’s own electrical energy requirements at the headquarters are currently produced via alternative sources
  • For official company journeys, we have electric cars, for short distances we offer e-bicycles
  • Employees who use an electric vehicle to get to work can use free charging points


As a company, we also bear responsibility for the well-being of the community. We help where we can, and show solidarity with the weaker and disadvantaged in our society.

We show respect

We promote a culture of respect, appreciation, and tolerance. That’s the only way coexistence can work – in society, but also in a company.

We think of others

We understand that not everyone has access to the same life chances. The charitable Santner Private Foundation (owner of the Anton Paar Group) contributes to projects that support those less fortunate and advance the equitable distribution of material goods.

Our social programs

Alpha Nova: Together

Alpha Nova helps people with impairments to live their own lives as part of society. For more than 20 years, people with impairments – accompanied by Alpha Nova – have been working at Anton Paar. As a result, their days are structured, they have a meaningful job, and they’re integrated into the company.

Caritas Learning Cafe: Learn, support, accompany

Homework, exam preparation, having fun together, making friends – the Learning Cafes in Austria offer support and supervision for children and young people who can’t manage alone. They don’t just receive help with schoolwork, they also come in contact with a variety of nationalities and strengthen their social skills. One such Learning Cafe in Graz has been financed by Anton Paar for many years.

Offline: Back to working life

Offline is a project of the charitable Santner Private Foundation focused on prevention and treatment of addiction. It lets people suffering from addiction work on low-threshold projects, obtain qualifications, and return to working life.

Kalam Project: Make a change

In India, many school buildings need to be renovated. Often, there’s a lack of basic water and sanitation infrastructure, and there are very few playgrounds. That’s why Anton Paar India, with the support of the whole Anton Paar Group, set up the Kalam Project. Five Indian schools, in the hometowns of employees of Anton Paar India, have already been renovated thanks to the project. The children again have a place where they like to spend time and where they can prepare for their future.

VinziBus: Food for everyone

Since 1991, the VinziBus has been driving through Graz and giving more than 30 needy people per day a meal. Anton Paar has been financing the bus for many years, for the distribution of the meals. Anton Paar employees regularly prepare and distribute the food.

Responsible Corporate Governance

At Anton Paar, we rigorously follow the goal to produce high-quality work, make high-quality products, and ensure high-quality working conditions. We promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, reject all forms of discrimination, and uphold the standards of accountability and transparency.

The companies of the Anton Paar Group are certified according to various ISO standards.

In addition to quality management, there are also areas like the environment or safety management. The careful and responsible handling of human and natural resources is a central and historic component of our corporate philosophy and is thus the basis for the management system. Continuous system monitoring of energy and environmental data at our various locations, and regular internal audits and site inspections, optimize the eco-balance.

ISO 9001: Quality first

Anton Paar has been certified according to ISO 9001 since 1994, which means quality management at the highest level. We manufacture high-quality products that meet customer expectations as well as relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

Whistleblower box: EU-conformant

The Anton Paar Group AG is committed to complying with rules, regulations, and laws: We adhere, for example, to the EU Whistleblowing Directive and have implemented a whistleblowing system.

Women in leading positions: For us, a matter of course

In 1932, Anton Paar’s daughter, Margareta Platzer, was the first female master machinist in Styria. Today, women hold well over a quarter of leading positions at our company.

Anton Paar's Business Code of Conduct

We have a business code of conduct that all employees of Anton Paar have to abide by to ensure a compliant, safe, and effective workplace.

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