Humidity Option

The humidity option for the convection oven device CTD 180 enables rheological measurements under controlled temperature and humidity conditions and prevents sample drying. It allows studies on the material’s behavior under controlled humid conditions. By using the various fixtures for the CTD 180, liquids up to solids can be measured under controlled humidity conditions.

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Key features

The Setup

The humidity option for the CTD 180 consists of a specially tailored humidity generator for setting the relative humidity in the temperature device up to 95 % depending on the actual temperature. The humidity sensor, which can be immersed into the temperature device at one of the front windows, gives feedback to the humidity controller and transfers the data to the rheometer software. A water tank is part of the humidity generator to feed the dry gas up to the required water content. The design of the convection oven is optimized for the work with high humidity and prevents cold spots which could turn the wet air back into water.


Features and Benefits

  • The humidity option controls the humidity with the CTD 180 convection oven in the range from 5 % to 95 % relative humidity depending on the actual temperature.
  • The humidity sensor reads the relative humidity and temperature and displays the values directly in the rheometer software.
  • The humidity generator can be operated manually or via the included user-friendly programming software for more complex tests
  • All fixtures and measuring systems for the CTD 180, e.g. SRF, UXF, SER, Tribology, etc., can also be used with the humidity option.
  • The humidity generator and MCR rheometer can be synchronized via a trigger input.

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