Moisture-Dependent Viscoelastic Properties, Creep Behavior and Hygroscopic Expansion of Polyamide 6

Polyamide is a highly hygroscopic polymer and, therefore, exhibits humidity-dependent mechanical properties and also swells due to uptake of moisture (hygric expansion). This report provides examples of how an MCR rheometer can be used to quantify these effects.


Polyamide is a very versatile material. It can be formed into fibers that are used in the textile industry, as well as for ropes, surgical threads and the strings of plucked instruments. Furthermore, machine parts that have to be abrasion resistant (e.g. housings, slide bearings, gearwheels or rollers) are often made of polyamide. Because of its resistance to high temperatures, lubricants and solvents, polyamide can also be used to produce intake manifolds, fuel lines, engine covers and the oil pans of motor vehicles.

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