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Microwave digestion system:
Multiwave GO Plus

  • The world’s smallest and most economic microwave for digestion
  • Quick process times due to rapid heating and cooling concept
  • Easiest ready-to-use microwave on the market with pre-installed generic methods
  • SmartVent Technology for a broad range of samples
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The Multiwave GO Plus microwave digestion system with the patented Directed Multimode Cavity (DMC) provides the best of both monomode and multimode microwaves. The microwave field adapts itself to the number of filled or empty positions and the filling state of the vessel – that’s truly innovative. Due to the TURBO cooling process, unique cooling times as short as eight minutes for a fully loaded twelve-position rotor are possible (for EPA methods). With its SmartVent technology, Multiwave GO Plus is the most convenient microwave digestion system on the market.

Key features

GO for TURBO concept – the shortest process times on the smallest footprint

GO for TURBO concept – the shortest process times on the smallest footprint

The unique Directed Multimode Cavity (DMC) of Multiwave GO Plus enables highly efficient TURBO heating with only one magnetron in a compact system. As in a monomode system, the microwaves are directed to the sample, providing highly efficient heating in a small-footprint system. As in a multimode system, more than one sample can be digested in a single run.

In combination with the most effective TURBO cooling system for rapid cooling from 180 °C to 70 °C in less than eight minutes (for EPA methods) Multiwave GO Plus provides you with the shortest overall process times on the market. This is possible due to the perfect interplay between the built-in cooling unit, exhaust, rotor, and vessels (with cooling fins) and also makes the smallest footprint become a reality.

GO for SmartVent – the easiest way of reaction control

GO for SmartVent – the easiest way of reaction control

The innovative SmartVent technology uses the pressure-activated-venting concept of Anton Paar which ensures excellent digestion quality. The three-part vessels are HF-resistant and are closed without tools.

With the SmartVent technology you GO for:

  • precise pressure control in each vessel
  • releasing overpressure safely
  • detecting increased digestion temperatures
  • extremely high sample weights
  • safely digesting samples with different, unknown reaction behavior in the same run
Multiwave GO Plus – goes easy for a huge variety of samples

Multiwave GO Plus – goes easy for a huge variety of samples

A huge variety of samples can be reliably digested with Multiwave GO Plus. These include environmental samples, food and feed analysis, material testing, as well as petrochemical, plastic, polymer, cosmetic, metal, alloy, and geochemical samples.

A multitude of samples can be easily digested with preinstalled generic methods (e.g. EPA 3015A, EPA 3051A, or EPA 3052) which further simplifies your workflow.

Benefit from a complete microwave system in a compact design with which you can perform routine digestion and leaching of high sample amounts, low sample amounts, inorganic or organic matrices.



ChP 2321


GA T1662
GB 5009
GB T24533
GB T26125
GB T 36592
GB T 36593
GB T 38287


HJ 491
HJ 678
HJ 680
HJ 702
HJ 766
HJ 781
HJ 803
HJ 832

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