Complete Recovery of Mercury in Fly Ash with Multiwave GO / GO Plus

Recovery of mercury from fly ash is as complete after leaching with Multiwave GO using SMART VENT technology as it is in closed vessels without venting capabilities. This report compares data for samples of fly ash, bottom ash and a reference material "Fly Ash" BCR - 176R.

1 Introduction

Mercury and arsenic are difficult elements to be routinely determined in fly ashes because of the possible losses as volatile elements. Evaluation of sample preparation methods, however, is hindered by the lack of reference materials certified for mercury.

For a vessel system using the SMART VENT technology it is important to prove that a potentially volatile element as mercury can be completely recovered.

So the recoveries from acid leaching by Multiwave GO with a rotor 12HVT50 are compared with a Multiwave 3000 system equipped with a rotor 8SXF100. This is a completely sealed system that has, during its long time availability, proven to recover mercury and arsenic completely.

Reliable leaching for mercury, arsenic and other environmentally relevant elements can be achieved with pressure activated venting vessels of rotor 12HVT50 with Multiwave GO in the same quality as with a hermetically sealed high pressure vessel.

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