Digestion of Dairy Products for the Element Analysis with ICP and AAS

Rotor 24HVT50 and Rotor 12HVT50, both employing the well-established HVT vessels with SmartVent Technology, allow the quick and easy digestion of any kind of dairy product in Multiwave 5000 or Multiwave GO Plus.

An important component of the human diet is formed by milk and dairy products. Milk and derived products contain vital nutrients like lactose, essential fatty acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins, but it can also comprise contaminants which can have a direct effect on the health of the consumer. Besides essential elements (e.g. Cu, Fe, Zn) these products can also contain unwanted or even toxic trace metals (e.g. As, Cd, Hg or Pb).

Already very small amounts of these elements can cause metabolic disorders followed by potentially serious consequences on the human body.

Toxic metals such as Cd and Pb are ingested via food and air pollution into the animals’ and humans’ food chain.

As milk and dairy products play an important role in the nutrition of infants and children, contaminating toxic elements are of special concern. With this background, it becomes apparent why analysis on essential, but especially toxic trace elements is a necessary step of quality control to ensure safe and healthy products.

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