Digestion of Food and Other Organic Samples in Multiwave GO / GO Plus

The applicability of Multiwave GO with Rotor 12HVT50 for the digestion of food and other organic samples was tested and verified in a long list of experiments.

1 Introduction

One of the typical applications of Multiwave GO is the digestion of organic samples. The concept of the HVT50 vessels working with pressure-activated venting technology allows for the controlled release of reaction gases. This enables and ensures high digestion temperatures and excellent quality of digestion especially for reactive samples.

2 Instrumentation

The digestions were carried out in HVT50 vessels using Rotor 12HVT50 in Multiwave GO. The digested solutions were measured with an Agilent 7500ce ICPMS using He as the collision gas in order to remove polyatomic interferences. The elements As and Se were measured in all cases using CO₂ as optional gas.

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