• To fill samples reliably and safely directly out of PET bottles, glass bottles or cans into the measuring chamber Anton Paar's CO2 and O2 meters team up with the PFD piercing and filling device.
  • Anton Paar's instruments guarantee a simple measurement procedure. Just press ‘Start’ and sample is transferred to the measuring chamber without any loss of CO2 and O2 using the connected Anton Paar piercing and filling device. This means reliable results without any changes in CO2 and O2 contents.
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Filling Device:

  • Filling from glass bottles, PET bottles, and cans with one single device
  • Direct sample transfer from the closed container
  • No loss of CO₂ or O₂ due to pressurized filling
  • Removable safety shield for easier cleaning and maintenance
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The PFD Filling Device transfers your sample directly from a closed container - either a bottle or can - into the measuring chamber of a measuring instrument. As the closure is sealed before piercing, no CO2 is lost during sample transfer.

Key features

Fill sample from bottles and cans

  • For glass bottles, PET bottles and cans
  • Different bottle adapters for different bottle sizes
  • Quiet, clean, no waste
  • Needs only 6 ± 0.5 bar (87 ± 7 psi) relative pressure of pressurized air or nitrogen
  • For filling soft drinks, beer, water, and mineral water directly from the package


  • Safe handling due to safety shield
  • Safety pin allows operation only with shield in place
  • No CO2 losses during sample transfer

Technical specifications

Maximum allowed volume of packages
Can 0.5 L
Glass bottle1 L
PET bottle3 L
Compressed air 6 ± 0.5 bar (87 ± 7 psi) relative pressure
(L x W x H)
190 x 270 x 760 mm
(7.5 x 10.6 x 26.4 inches)
Maximum height with piercing head in highest position 1020 mm
(40.2 inches)
Weight10.1 kg (22.3 lbs)



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