Sparkles in a bottle...

Detect the true CO2 content in wines and sparkling wines, even directly out of the bottle or can - CarboQC and CboxQC™ can do it!

Indulge in the prickle!

Sparkling wines, especially Prosecco, have started to enjoy increasing popularity. The sparkle is caused by carbon dioxide, also called CO2, which is either developing during fermentation or added after the fermentation has been completed. For reasons of taste as well as quality and production control, the need for a fast, reliable and straightforward determination method arose – with an eye on the determination directly out of beverage containers, without the loss of CO2 during sample transfer into a measuring system.

The true amount of CO2

The CO2 Meter CarboQC as well as the combined CO2 and oxygen (O2) Meter CboxQC™ by Anton Paar fulfill all these requirements! The Multiple Volume Expansion Method implemented into those instruments is patented (AT 409673; GB 2373584; US 6,874,351) and allows the fast and precise determination of the true CO2 content in wines and sparkling wines – unaffected by the presence of other dissolved gases such as nitrogen or air!

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