How to apply at Anton Paar

What sets you apart? Show us – we are looking forward to your application!

The steps to your application

Have you discovered your dream job in “Open positions” and do you plan to send an application to our recruiting team?

We are delighted to hear about your interest.

To start the application process, click on “apply for this job”.

The application is structured in four easy steps.

  1. Entry of the basic data
    Fill in your basic data, including name, address, and contact information. This is how we will reach you and inform you about the next steps of the recruiting process. Please check your data carefully as we can only process applications with complete contact details.
  2. Your competences
    In the second step we will ask you about your competences. We would like to know which skills you have already acquired in the past and how well you master them.
  3. Your motivation
    Now we would like to hear about your reasons for applying to Anton Paar. What is your motivation to contribute to this company each and every day with passion? Why are you exactly the right person for the advertised position? We want to know your motives.
  4. Your documents
    In the last step please add your application documents. At this point we ask you to send us your CV and certificates of job-related education. We might ask you about further documents such as letters of recommendations at a later point during the recruiting process.

After submitting your application you will receive an email from us as a confirmation of receipt.

What happens as soon as your application has reached us?

Our recruiting team sees the person behind each application, a person who wants to contribute to our company with his/her competences, expectations, and goals. Our recruiting process is designed to take your interest very seriously.

We take sufficient time for each application. After careful consideration of your documents and consultation with the respective department, we will contact you. This contact often occurs via email. We therefore ask you to check your emails regularly. If your application has convinced us, we will arrange a telephone interview as a first step. This helps us to compare expectations and gives you the opportunity to ask questions.

If our expectations are compatible and both parties show interest, we will invite you to a personal interview.

At this meeting we want to get to know you as a person and assess your professional suitability. You will have the opportunity to ask detailed questions about your possible future responsibilities and Anton Paar in general.

We don’t want to keep you waiting too long and will inform you as soon as possible after the interview if we have chosen you as a future employee.

At Anton Paar there are diverse tasks which require different skills and abilities. It’s possible that we believe you are more suitable for another role after having talked to you. In this case we will discuss our assessment with you and will invite you, if you are also interested, to another interview. 

Tips for good preparation and the interview

We value honesty and authenticity. Not all CVs are flawless. Rapid job changes, a short break, or an unfinished education can happen. We want to know why. Do not feel you have to hide this information from us. Please give specific answers.

Even if the question about strengths and weaknesses is unpopular, it is important that you answer honestly and know how to assess yourself well. Think about this in advance and please avoid well-worn answers such as “impatience” or “too detail-oriented” when talking about your areas of improvement.

Please think about why you want to work at Anton Paar and what excites you about the job that you have applied for.

Obtain information about our company, for example, on our website or our job portal.

Prepare questions for the interview, we will answer them gladly.

Be on time and inform us if you are not. Nobody is immune to being held up. In this case please call our reception immediately and let us know you are running late.

Everybody asks him/herself about the right dress code for the interview. This question shouldn’t keep you busy for too long. As a company with roots in traditional craftsmanship our employees are usually dressed casually. Come dressed in an outfit which you feel comfortable in. It’s not relevant whether this is a suit, a dress, or jeans with a polo shirt or blouse.

We care about our environment, which is why we also try to save paper. It’s not necessary for you to print out and bring your documents with you to the interview.