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Microwave Synthesis:
Monowave 400/200

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Monowave 400 and Monowave 200 are high performance microwave reactors specially designed for small scale microwave synthesis applications in research and development laboratories. Microwave irradiation nowadays is not only successfully employed for organic synthesis - inorganic synthesis, material science, polymer chemistry, and other disciplines can also be performed successfully. Autosampler MAS 24 can still be operated with the Software-guided Loading Strategy and additionally in the Open Access Mode. The MAS 24 Autosampler option allows for unattended sequential processing of 24 experiments.

Visit our world of microwave synthesis to find your optimum reaction conditions and to browse through a database of more than 1000 applications which have been successfully performed in Anton Paar reactors.

Key features

Performance without compromise

  • 850 W unpulsed microwave output power
  • Extremely high field density
  • Simultaneous temperature measurement with IR and fiberoptic sensor
  • Highest accessible temperature/pressure conditions
  • Utmost temperature homogeneity
  • Up to 100 h reaction times

Special accessories

  • Fiber-optic temperature sensor
  • Camera
  • 24-postion autosampler
  • Silicon carbide vessel
  • Wide-Neck vials

Scientific diversity

  • Method Development & Optimization
  • Building Block Synthesis
  • Scaffold Decoration
  • Solid Phase Synthesis
  • Metal Catalysis
  • Derivatizations
  • Peptide Synthesis
  • Preparation of Nanoparticles
  • Zeolite Synthesis

    Technical specifications

     Monowave 400 Monowave 200
    Max. filling volume 6 mL for 10 mL vial
    20 mL for 30 mL vial
    2 mL for 4 mL vial
    6 mL for 10 mL vial
    20 mL for 30 mL vial
    2 mL for 4 mL vial
    Max. operation pressure 30 bar (435 psi) 20 bar (290 psi)
    Max. IR temperature 300 °C 260 °C (upgradable)
    Max. fiber-optic temperature 300 °C 260 °C (upgradable)
    Max. power 850 W 850 W
    Vial material Borosilicate glass, silicon carbide Borosilicate glass, silicon carbide
    Cap material PEEK PEEK
    Camera Integrated Optional after upgrade
    Autosampler MAS24 Optional Optional after upgrade
    Seal material Teflon-coated silicone Teflon-coated silicone
    Typical applications Method development Optimization
    Basic academic and industrial research
    Method development
    Basic academic and industrial research

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