Extraction | MCPD Esters from Food

In 2007, the presence of fatty esters of 3-chloro-propane-1,2-diol (3-MCPD esters) was reported for the first time in various foodstuff, especially refined edible fats, such as margarine, as well as in baby food and breast milk. Since 3-MCPD itself is a suspect carcinogen and can be released from these esters during digestion in the body, it is necessary to detect and quantify them


The quantification of the observable MCPD esters imposes an efficient and reliable extraction method. The extraction of these compounds is pretty tricky since the esters can transform themselves during the process. In addition they are thermo-labile, thus high reaction temperatures have to be avoided.

Today, there are still hardly any known reliable methods for determination of these esters in foods. Only a few methods have been validated on the determination of esters in high-fat food stuff.[1-3]

However, microwave-assisted extraction has given very good results in this context. This report shows the efficiency of the microwaves to get good extraction yields and also to save time.


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