Microwave Synthesizers

Microwave Synthesizers

Pushing limits for your synthesis needs

All of Anton Paar’s powerful synthesis reactors – the Monowave series and Multiwave 5000 SOLV – deliver outstanding performance. From smallest quantities to gram-scale library generation and kilogram batch processing, you can be sure to find the right solution for your synthesis application. Whichever choice you make for your laboratory, the systems’ intuitive software always guarantees precise control of your reaction parameters.

Visit our world of microwave synthesis to find your ideal reactor and to browse through a database of more than 1000 applications which have been successfully performed in Anton Paar reactors.

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Maximum accuracy in reaction control

The Monowave reactor´s immersing fiber optic sensor ensures immediate feedback, approaching the peak of precision in temperature measurement.

An accurate knowledge of the reaction temperature is the key factor for efficient, successful chemical synthesis.

Reaction screening at enhanced microwave conditions

The silicon carbide employed in Anton Paar’s Rotor 4x48MC, 4x20MGC and 4x24MG5 opens up extraordinary avenues for method development. 

Due to its excellent microwave absorption behaviour, SiC allows you to heat up even virtually microwave-transparent solvents like toluene or dioxane.

Simple application of gaseous reagents

Benefit from a variety of Multiwave 5000 accessories -  with the sophisticated gas loading system, a reactive or inert gas atmosphere is individually created in each vessel.

Apply pressures up to 20 bar prior to reactions for safe and effective microwave synthesis employing sensitive substrates.

Unique autosampler for reliable unattended operation

Anton Paar’s optional MAS 24 autosampler unit for the Monowave reactors provides reliable unattended sequential processing of up to 24 vials of different sizes.

MAS 24 is the only comparable autosampler with two operation modes:

  • the Open Access Mode, for quick and efficient programming of multiple experiments at any position at any time and
  • the Software-guided Loading Strategy, ensuring safe use by presenting the next free position at a single insert spot.

Directly observe your reaction progress

The integrated digital camera is a highly useful add-on to your microwave synthesis system configuration.

Watch what is going on in your vial at all times – so you can swiftly react to anything by varying stirring speed, time or reaction temperature.



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