Silicon Carbide Vessel | Applications of Silicon Carbide Vessels

The unique silicon carbide vessels can be employed for a variety of applications in microwave-assisted organic synthesis that cannot be performed in usual glass vials.

Employing silicon carbide as a heating aid for microwave synthesis is not a new technique – passive heating elements and microtiter plates made out of SiC for parallel microwave chemistry applications in multimode instruments were already introduced a few years ago.

Consequently this led to the development of corresponding SiC vessels for our monomode reactors as well. With similar dimensions of the common 10 mL and 30 mL wide neck glass vial the vessels C10 and C30 Wide Neck have been introduced.

The present report summarizes the most important fields of application for the unique SiC vessels which can exclusively be employed in Monowave 200 (C10 only), 400, and 450 and have proven to be an extremely useful accessory.

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