Synthesis | Gas Loading | Inert Gas Atmosphere in Microwave Vessels

Microwave chemistry is not limited to reactions in air atmosphere. Flushing reaction mixtures with inert gases, such as nitrogen or argon, can be easily done for successfully performing reactions in inert atmosphere. Furthermore, even reactive gases can be loaded into microwave vessels for processing gaseous reagents.

The use of microwave reactors for chemical reactions has been a success story of many years. Due to obvious reasons, such as the impressive reduction of reaction times and by-products as well as the convenient and safe handling under elevated pressure/temperature conditions, meanwhile almost any type of reaction has already been performed under microwave irradiation.

Besides common reactions, which tolerate the presence of air, there are also many transformations which require inert gas atmosphere due to the application of air sensitive starting materials, reagents and/or products.

Herein it is shown that it is easily possible to create inert gas atmospheres in monomode reactors as well as in multimode instruments.

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