Wine Industry Virtual Workshop & LYZA 5000 Introduction


Anton Paar Wine Analysis in Lab and Process Engineering


With COVID interrupting our regular wine seminars and workshops in your region, join us for a short 1 hour session online. 

 Highlights of the program includes;

  • Introduction to the Lyza 5000 Wine - Multi-Parameter FTIR
  • Instrument Lab Analysis including Brix, Baume, SG, DCO2/DO2 and Alcohol
  • Process Monitoring – Fermentation, Alcohol, Extract/SG, DCO2 and DO2
  • Q&A Session

Lyza 5000 Wine is Anton Paar’s novel solution for fast multi-parameter analysis in wine production, wine laboratories, and filling plants. Highest precision, a multitude of parameters, fast measurement times, and the user-friendly touchscreen interface are the essential components of the instrument that has been tailor-made for the wine industry.

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Idioma: English
Instructor: Mr Stuart Cragg, Mr Dinesh Kumar, Mr James Khoury
Stuart Cragg

Stuart Cragg has been working with analytical instrumentation since 1992 and has been working with Anton Paar instrumentation since 1999. Initially starting in the role as Service Manager, Stuart gained a thorough knowledge of the working principles of the instruments and the practical tips and tricks. Since 2002 Stuart has been responsible for the product and market management of the Business Unit Measurement, which includes measuring instruments for density/specific gravity/extract, alcohol, dissolved CO2 and O2.

Dinesh Kumar

Dinesh Kumar is the Market Manager - Business Unit Solutions for Anton Paar Australia and New Zealand. He is responsible for analytical & synthetic chemistry  and focuses on the sales and marketing activities of this product line. He has a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from the YMCA University of Science and Technology (India) and gained a broad range of work experience in different fields before joining Anton Paar GmbH.


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