• OxyQC is a compact and robust oxygen meter which uses an optochemical sensor for fast and highly accurate determination of dissolved O2. OxyQC allows multiple measurements, even out of small sample packages.
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OxyQC | OxyQC Wide Range

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OxyQC and OxyQC Wide Range are the precise O2 meters that remain unaffected by other dissolved gases. Whether for portable at-line use from process lines, tanks, kegs or casks during production process or as a stand-alone version for the laboratory - OxyQC and OxyQC Wide Range are indispensable for precise beverage analysis in beer, wine, juices and soft drinks as well as water.
When combined with Anton Paar’s PFD filling device, sample is taken directly from the package into the measuring chamber of the instrument - with no loss of dissolved oxygen during sample transfer. The instrument for the laboratory provides reliable O2 results, even out of very small packages.
For the utmost flexibility, the instrument’s new and robust design is small, compact and lightweight and therefore fully protected for harsh environments. It provides a battery life of up to ten hours. The integrated O2 Data Logger function enables continuous measurements from the line or tank.

Key features

High accuracy, more benefit

  • The new high-resolution optochemical O2 sensor is accurate and achieves a repeatability s.d. of ±2 ppb for OxyQC or ±20 ppb for OxyQC Wide Range, respectively.

Fully protected

  • Fully protected from harsh environments thanks to the robust and IP67 leakproof design

Efficient and quick to finish

  • Integrated rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours at-line operation
  • Low sample volume of around 100 mL provides reliable O2 results, even out of very small packages
  • PFD filling device transfers sample from the package into the measuring chamber without any loss of O2
  • O2 results after only 50 seconds
  • Intuitive user interface with clearly arranged navigation of the menu
  • Clear sample identification for full traceability of 500 measurement results

Built-in support for the most precise results

  • Data Logger function: enables continuous O2 measurements from the line or tank
  • SystemCheck: guides the operator through recommended periodical O2 sensor check(s)
  • The TPO (total package oxygen) value can be calculated via Anton Paar’s free software AP-SoftPrint

Fast and wireless

  • Bluetooth interface for wireless printing
  • USB interface for data transfer to a PC
  • RFID interface for changing measurement settings quickly by reading RFID tags

Technical specifications

  OxyQC OxyQC Wide Range

O2 measurement

Measuring range 0 ppm to 4 ppm 0.015 ppm to 45 ppm
Repeatability s.d. ±2 ppb (in range < 200 ppb) ±20 ppb (in range < 5 ppm)
Reproducibility s.d. ±4 ppb (in range < 1000 ppb)
±10 ppb (in range < 2000 ppb)
±20 ppb (in range < 4000 ppb)
±50 ppb (in range < 15 ppm)
±100 ppb (in range < 45 ppm)
Digital Resolution 0.1 ppb (in range < 100 ppb) 1 ppb


Sample temperature –3 °C to +40 °C (27 °F to 104 °F)
Accuracy ±0.2 °C

Additional information

Sample volume approx. 100 mL
Measuring time per sample approx. 50 seconds
Internal storage 500 measured results
Interfaces 1 x RS-232 for PC and printer
1 x USB for PC
optional: Bluetooth, RFID
Protection class IP67
Power supply AC 100—240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 A
DC 12 V, 3.0 A
Rechargeable battery type Li-ion 11.1 V, 2.25 Ah
(optional: Li-ion 11.25 V, 2.6 Ah)
Maximum at-line operation 10 hours
(L x W x H)
262 mm x 209 mm x 176 mm
(10.3 in x 8.2 in x 6.9 in)
Weight 1.7 kg (3.75 lbs)



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