Determination of low amounts of oxygen with CboxQC/CboxQC At-line/OxyQC and PFD Filling Device

When it comes to determining dissolved oxygen in beverages, CboxQC, CboxQC At-line and OxyQC present themselves as a suitable solution. The former two even qualify for the simultaneous measurement of carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2). Carbonated beverages are a typical field of application for these combined instruments.

Monitoring dissolved oxygen in beverages

Whereas the amount of dissolved CO2 is usually a few grams per liter, the dissolved oxygen (DO) content can be very close to zero. In case of beer, a low DO amount is required to maintain the specified shelf life because DO can react with some beer components. 

Especially when the obtained DO results are used to calculate TPO, it is of utmost importance to eliminate influences that might cause an erroneously high DO result. Accordingly, the expectations in the oxygen meters are high.

The higher the temperature, the bigger the influence will be because the solubility of oxygen decreases with increasing temperature. Subsequently, the procedure for correct DO measurements will be outlined.

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