Small is beautiful: Microbreweries hit the big time with CarboQC, CboxQC and OxyQC

A constantly increasing number of microbreweries, also referred to as craft breweries or boutique breweries, clearly indicates the trend to characteristic flavors outside the mainstream.

High performance on a low production scale

Microbreweries - or craft breweries or boutique breweries - work on a smaller scale production volume, but deliver products with as high a quality as large breweries. Producing on a small scale has numerous advantages:

  • More flexibility in characteristic beer flavors
  • Broad variety and wide selection
  • Local suppliers reduce transportation costs and carbon footprint
  • Close to the customer’s preferences.

The beer quality has to be right

High quality is a prerequisite for the continuous success of a brewery. No matter what the size of the brewery, the quality of the products has to be monitored. Among others, the amount of dissolved gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) are the main influencing factors for the dispensing behavior, the shelf life and, most of all, the taste sensation of a beer. Portable meters for dissolved gas analysis are ideally suited for small breweries. Here, the flexibility provided by portable meters is an advantage as mostly smaller tanks are used.

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