Quality Control in Plant-Based Drinks

For quality control and further improvement of the shelf life of plant-based drinks, a portable oxygen meter and density meter can be used. The density meter can be further used to determine the filling volume of the packages.


Curious about plant-based drink measurements? Is it possible to measure oxygen levels in plant-based drinks as well as the density? And why is it needed?

The oxygen content (O2) in plant-based drinks leads to microbial growth, and causes oxidation of the fats and proteins of the beverage, resulting in changes in taste, loss of nutrients, and thus significantly shortening the shelf life of the product. Most of the plant-based drinks are unstable during manufacturing processes and storage, meaning they tend to undergo phase separation and spoilage. To maintain the food quality and stability of a packaged plant-based drink, the oxygen levels and the density should be monitored.

By measuring the density of a plant-based drink, manufacturers can monitor the quality and consistency of their products which makes it an important parameter for quality control. A deviation from the expected density value can indicate a problem with the composition or processing of the drink and final products. Density can be measured fast and easily using a digital density meter. 

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