Analyzing dissolved Gases in Beverages from Bag-In-Box Packages

Direct transfer of beverages from Bag-In-Box packages is essential for adequate analysis of dissolved oxygen and dissolved carbon dioxide.

Bag-In-Box packages with many advantages

Over the past years, beverages packed in Bag-In-Box (BIB) packages have been enjoying increased popularity. BIB is light in weight, attractive in terms of economical perspectives, and it is also more favorable to transport. It can be stapled, provides plenty of surface for product description and marketing information, is safer to handle than glass packages, requires less packing material and results in a reduced carbon footprint.

The bag inside the box generally consists of several layers of polymer film, sometimes complemented by a thin metal film. It is equipped with a spout for pouring out the beverage, e.g. wine, and eliminates the risk of an undesired cork taint. Is beverage poured from the bag, the henceforth missing volume is not replaced by air, and the ingress of oxygen is prevented.

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