Backstage: Production Mechanics

"Really extreme – extremely cool! We push the limits of technical feasibility every day.”

Matthias, Machining Engineer | Anton Paar GmbH

Challenges attract me and Anton Paar’s mechanical production offers challenges every day. Here we produce exact components and complex modules for our precise measuring instruments. We also produce based on customer requests: from prostheses and complete devices for medical technology to products for the railroad and aviation industries. In doing so, quality is always our trademark. The entire team always gives 100 percent at work. In precision Anton Paar is the number one. We consider the tiniest deviations of 1/1000 of a millimeter too big, although realizing this is not always easy.

People and machines go hand-in-hand at Anton Paar. Know-how, skills, and a passion for precision define us. Together with state-of-the-art metal processing machines we carry out tasks at the limits of technical feasibility.

I started my apprenticeship at Anton Paar in 2012 and learned everything about machining from scratch from the best trainers in the field. Apprentices are actively integrated into production from day one. In this way, assuming responsibility, asking questions, and working in a team are all taught very fast. Today I accompany apprentices on their paths to becoming experts in their fields. I am currently working on a robot-supported double-spindle 5-axis turning and milling center. Here I produce components for process instruments that are active 24/7 once installed at our customers’ sites. These measuring instruments are, for instance, used by soft drink manufacturers to monitor the quality of their drinks during filling. They determine the sugar and carbon dioxide content and thereby ensure that the soft drinks have a consistent taste, regardless of where in the world they are bought.

Being willing to learn and open to changes is essential for work at Anton Paar. I learn every day through the challenges which arise in the production of the most exact components, the continuous modernization of the machine park, the new production technologies, accompanying young colleagues, working together with other departments, and the optimization of production processes. This is exactly what brings me joy at work.

The most important things at Anton Paar are sticking together and working well as a team. Everyone contributes to the big picture. Only by working together can we be successful and achieve extraordinary things.