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*Particles have a higher influence on the result when the sample is measured with a digital instrument, therefore the sample needs to be filtered through a folded paper filter. **Measuring time differs between instruments (Portable 1 Minute, Benchtop 3 minutes, Asphalt 10 minutes)

Thats not all!

Don't forget: A Digital Portable Density Meter is probably the quickest way to perform your measurement, but not the most accurate one. The accuracy of a benchtop density meter will bring additional cost savings for you: By closely observing the accordance of your measured values with the target values you optimize your raw material use (e.g. amount of sugar, if you are a softdrink producer), and calculate filling volumes so accurately that for sure you do not put too much on the package. One digit more in accuracy can mean thousands of € savings in your production process.

Additionally all digital density meters require a minimum amount of solvent which means reduced spendings for cleaning agents as well.