High precision in material texture testing

Benefit from Anton Paar’s longstanding experience in consistency testing for sample classification with penetration and reliable breaking point testing of samples at low temperatures. Our application setup for consistency testing guarantees the right solution for any kind of semi-solid sample. It also complies with a vast range of relevant standards.

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Embrace a world of vast application possibilities within semi-solid samples

With an extensive accessory portfolio based on more than 60 years of experience in penetration testing, our PNR 12 penetrometer offers a vast range of application possibilities. It’s an essential tool to classify the consistency of bitumen, greases, and waxes according to international standards, such as ASTM D5, ASTM D214, ISO 2137, and EN 1426, as well as cosmetic and pharmaceutical samples according to US and EU Pharmacopoeia and other common regulations.

Benefit from automatic surface detection

With the PNR 12 automatic surface detection of bituminous and wax applications, reliable test results can also be measured in a water bath. Even conductive samples that contain water, as they do in food and other materials, can be automatically detected with the electric sensor. This lets you speed up testing and improve measurement reliability, independent of the operator.

Efficiently manage your data

Forget about handwritten records! With our PNR 12 penetrometer, up to 200 results are stored and ready for statistical evaluation. The minimum, maximum, average, and standard deviation of a measured series are calculated and can be easily transferred to Excel® or integrated into your LIMS.

Easily identify the breaking point temperature

Providing more in-depth analytical solutions for the characterization of bitumen, the BPA 5 Fraass breaking point tester determines brittle behavior at low temperatures according to EN 12593, IP 80, and JIS K 2207. Connected to an external chiller, it can detect breaking points down to -45 °C. BPA 5 includes BPACon, a software that allows real-time analysis on a connected PC.

Relax: No need to worry about pharma-specific requirements

You can use PNR 12 as a test method for the most common regulations like US Pharmacopeia 915 and EU Pharmacopoeia 2.9.9. PNR 12 can be ordered with externally certified test equipment and combined with a PQP-S documentation and compliance maintenance, which shows that service and support are directly from the manufacturer.



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