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  • SurPASS™ 3 Adjustable Gap Cell
  • SurPASS™ 3 Adjustable Gap Cell

Adjustable Gap Cell

The elaborate measuring cells of SurPASS™ 3 suit any sample geometry, size or origin and give you the utmost flexibility for your quality control and investigations. The used measuring cell is recognized automatically.

The Adjustable Gap Cell extends the range of applications to small samples with a rectangular or disk shape. The smart cell design even enables zeta potential determination of porous materials or materials which swell strongly.

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Key Features

Unique and unsurpassed possibilities

  • For rectangular and disk-shaped solid samples like polymer films, membranes, QCM sensors.
  • Ideal for measurements on porous materials and materials which swell strongly.

Technical Specifications

Sample size  20 mm x 10 mm
14 mm or 15 mm in diameter

Sample thickness

max. 2 mm

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