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  • Peak Performance. Anton Paar goes AFM.

    Tosca™ 400 combines premium technology with ease of use. It is the first AFM that is fit for industrial users as well as scientists, and employs a new form of automation on every level of operation to increase the efficiency and simplify the handling of your AFM measurements.

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    Email only
  • Specifications

    Scan rangeXY range: 100 µm x 100 µm,
    Z range: 12 µm
    Sample size90 mm diameter,
    up to 30 mm height
    Sample weightUp to 600 g
    Weight, AFM51 kg
    Weight, controller8 kg
    Dimensions, AFM (WxDxH)42 cm x 49 cm x 51 cm
    Dimensions, controller (WxDxH)31 cm x 34 cm x 29 cm
    Power supply:100 to 240 V ±10 %

  • Highlights – regularly updated

    • Sample Navigation | June 2017

      State-of-the-art sample navigation

      After loading and initializing Tosca™ 400 first of all an overview image of the whole sample table can be started. In the second step the instrument automatically navigates to the sample of choice for the next measurement with just one mouse-click on the respective area in the overview image. This navigation is also available in the micro view. The navigation is triggered fully automatically by using the integrated video microscope. In this way you can even navigate to small features very easily.

      Application Report on Stainless Steel Surface Roughness

      Click on the download button below to find out more:


      Overview image | April 2017

      Keep track of your measurement area

      Due to the fact that the sample table of Tosca™ 400 with a diameter of 90 mm can hold either a single sample or multiple samples, an overview image becomes very important. In this way the user can quickly identify the measurement area of one sample or identify the different samples on the sample table. With the “overview image” function, an overview image of the entire sample area can be automatically captured within a short period of time.

      You are invited …

      … to come visit us in Graz (Austria) for a live-demo. See where Tosca has been developed, manufactured, and tested and experience its outstanding performance. Please contact support-nsp[at]anton-paar.com for further information and registration.

      Polymer Surface Characterization on a Grand Scale | March 2017

      The surface properties of polymeric materials are central to their behavior in formulation and manufacturing processes, as well as in their target applications.

      Tosca™ 400 is a powerful tool for characterizing polymer surfaces at the nanoscale. It provides both surface morphology and also phase contrast between different components in polymer blends. Most importantly, even multiple samples can be handled easily by Tosca™ 400 due to the large sample table. Thanks to special automation features, you do not have to open the instrument cover at all to run multiple samples. Everything can be done by the Tosca™ control software.

      Application Report on Polymer Surface Characterization

      Click on the download button below to find out more about characterizing polymer blends in terms of high-resolution morphology and phase images with the new Tosca™ 400.


      Send us your sample

      If you want to find out what Tosca™ 400 can do with your sample, please contact us. Send us your material and you will receive a free report of the analysis.

      Automatic laser alignment | January 2017

      A very important but also quite complex step in the course of AFM measurements is the laser alignment. This can be quite time-consuming, not only for an inexperienced user. This is why Tosca™ 400 provides a fully automatic laser alignment function: After the loading of the cantilever onto the actuator body and the actuator body onto the AFM head, the instrument carries out the laser alignment automatically after just two clicks in the Tosca™ control software.

      Another benefit of this feature which saves time and money is the flexibility of using any available cantilever, independent of the manufacturer. As a consequence, expensive pre-aligned or pre-mounted cantilevers have become obsolete with Tosca™ 400.

      Quick warm-up | December 2016

      An integrated, intelligent energy-saving system turns off all components that don‘t influence system drifts due to warm-up phases. Therefore, Tosca™ 400 saves energy and can be used for measurements within a very short time without any drift effects.

      Auto settings adjustment | November 2016

      Tosca™ 400 provides a fully automatic scan parameter adjustment function which leaves the complicated parameter adjustment process to the instrument itself. By activating this function, the instrument can automatically adjust the scan parameters to record images with the highest quality. Tosca™ 400 is an AFM open to users of all experience levels.