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HTR: Rheometer automation for high sample throughput and complex sample handling

The world’s first fully automated high-throughput rheometer

HTR is the only fully automated rheometer available. Rheological measurements are carried out by MCR rheometers in the high quality the instruments are known for, while a robot handles all additional measurement tasks like sample loading, sample trimming, and the cleaning of the upper and lower measuring system. For the very first time the entire measuring procedure, from sample loading right through to data evaluation, is fully automated with Anton Paar’s high-throughput rheometry system.

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Key Features

Fully automated sample handling

Fully automated sample handling

HTR 502 is intended for the automated rheological measurement of samples of low, medium, and high viscosity. The device comes with a 6-axis robot with a multi-gripper tool which can handle measurement geometries (CC, CP, and PP), sample vials, pipettes, and trim blades. The MCR 502 rheometer is equipped with an automatic measurement system and a vacuum clamping system for use in the robotic cell. It comes with the full feature setup known from the stand-alone rheometers configured for your specific automation needs.

Modular system to suit your needs

Modular system to suit your needs

Depending on your workflow HTR 502 can be equipped with separate modules:

  • Capping/decapping device for sample vials (gravity caps or screw caps)
  • Cleaning station
  • Heating and cooling station for the samples
  • Bar code reader for tracking your samples
  • Trim tool for automatically trimming the samples (includes a camera to document the trimming)
  • pH measurement module
Never gets tired

Never gets tired

The 6-axis robot handles viscous, paste-like, and solid samples, 24 hours per day, 52 weeks per year. All used measuring geometries are exchanged and cleaned automatically with the corresponding module. 

Your warehouse in a robotic cell

Your warehouse in a robotic cell

Besides the different modules for the workflow HTR 502 can also be equipped with measuring system racks for up to 96 measuring geometries, racks for pipettes as well as with three different kinds of sample storages: 

  • Single-rack sample storage (only horizontal racks)
  • Multi-rack sample storage (horizontal and vertical racks)
  • Multi-rack sample storage with temperature control (from +4 °C to +50 °C)
User-friendly control software and communication

User-friendly control software and communication

The method development takes place with the rheometer software and allows an automated analysis, printout, and export of your measuring data. With the software you are able to use individual sets of measuring and analysis parameters for any number of samples. The export of your measurement data can be done via LIMS or ERP as a CSV file or SQL database. Moreover, methods and data are interchangeable between the lab and the automation equipment. 

Technical Specifications

Technical data Unit MCR 502
Bearing Air
EC motor Yes
Max. torque mNm 230
Min. torque, rotation mNm 1
Min. torque, oscillation mNm 0.5
Angular deflection µrad 0.05 to ∞
Angular velocity rad/s 10-9 to 314
Max. speed 1/min 3000
Angular frequency rad/s 10-7 to 628
Normal force range N 0.005 to 50
Max. sample temperature range °C -40 to +200