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Raman Spectrometers

Raman Spectrometers

Cora: Compact Raman Analyzer

Cora, the Anton Paar Raman spectrometer family, offers you great performance on a compact footprint and in a robust design. You have a choice of three standard wavelengths as well as different combinations of those. They maximize your Raman signal and minimize disturbance by fluorescence for whichever type of samples you measure.

You measure different types of samples? Explore the versatility of the Cora 5X00 series: You can work with single or dual wavelengths, many quick-exchange sample holders, or choose to work with flexible fiber-optic probes.

You need the highest performance for research and industrial applications? Discover the Cora 7X00 series with high spectral resolution and low noise.

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The Cora 5X00 series saves bench space by only taking up roughly as much space as an open lab book. With the battery option it can be mounted on a cart to move around the production site. The Cora 7X00 series features the highest quality optics with deep-cooled detectors in a compact setup that fits onto every lab table or a 19’’ rack. 


Different samples require different wavelengths, depending on their characteristics and fluorescence. You can choose from 532 nm, 785 nm, and 1064 nm excitation wavelength, whichever is ideal for your sample. For the best possible measurements of samples with and without fluorescence, Cora 5500, 5600 and 5700 provide you with three different dual-wavelength excitations. 


No matter what your sample looks like, it is easy to investigate: The sample holders for the Cora 5X00 series are quick and easy to exchange.  The fiber-optic probe gives you the space to maneuver for your measurements. It is also ideal for measuring through glasses or containers. The Active Trigger fiber probe automatically starts a measurement when the trigger is pulled.  


High-quality optics from laser to spectrograph and detector produce clear spectra in minimal acquisition time.  For high resolution and efficiency, the Cora 7X00 series features ultra-sensitive, low-noise, soft- or deep-cooled CCD detectors  or a low–noise, deep-cooled InGaAs detector.


All Cora Raman spectrometers are motion-insensitive and have no moving parts except the fan. The spectrograph is shock-resistant, making the instruments reliable partners in your daily work routine.