X-Ray Analysis Solutions

X-Ray Analysis Solutions

2024: let´s celebrate 60 years of XRD

Driving Non-Ambient XRD with XRDynamic 500 – 60 Years of XRD at Anton Paar

In 2024, we’re celebrating 60 years of XRD at Anton Paar.

By introducing the first non-ambient XRD instrument back in 1964, we set a new standard for the study of structural changes in materials under non-ambient conditions. 60 years later, with the broadest portfolio of high-quality instruments on the market and thousands of users in the field, we’re the proud market leader in non-ambient XRD instrumentation. In addition, we expanded our X-ray analysis portfolio with a range of products, including X-ray sources, optics, and, most recently, XRDynamic 500, our automated multipurpose powder X-ray diffractometer.

Let’s celebrate this anniversary year together.

Get a free non-ambient XRD attachment of your choice with any XRDynamic 500 order in 2024!

Order an XRDynamic 500 between January 1 and December 31, 2024, and receive one of the following non-ambient XRD attachments of your choice for free:*

  • HTK 1200N High-Temperature Chamber for measurements from RT to 1200 °C using environmental heating
  • HTK 16N High-Temperature Chamber for measurements from RT to 1600 °C using heating strips
  • HTK 2000N High-Temperature Chamber for measurements from RT to 2300 °C using heating strips
  • XRK 900 Reactor Chamber for studies from RT to 900 °C and up to 10 bar gas pressure
  • TTK 600 Low-Temperature Chamber for versatile experiments from -190 °C to +600 °C
  • CHC plus+ Cryo- and Humidity Chamber for measurements under varying temperatures from -5 °C to +400 °C and relative humidities between 5% RH and 95% RH (varying RH limits between 10 °C and 80 °C)

*Click here to read the terms and conditions.

For more information, contact your local Anton Paar representative.

Join us for XRD excites 2024: Non-Ambient XRD & Beyond!

The highlight of our anniversary year will be XRD excites 2024, an international scientific symposium focused on topics around non-ambient XRD and beyond, including battery and PDF analysis as well as thin film and surface diffraction or SAXS. The symposium will be held at the Graz University of Technology in Graz, Austria, from July 9 to July 11 2024.

For more information, please visit https://www.anton-paar.com/TU-graz/xrd-excites.

More to explore!

Throughout 2024, we’ll be hosting webinars on various XRD-related topics. Please check here for the topics and dates.

Local workshops will also be organized that’ll cover everything from basic information to hands-on sessions. For more information about local workshops held in your area, contact your local Anton Paar representative.

Your challenges – our solutions

X-ray Diffraction Instrumentation

  • Unbeatable data quality with the highest efficiency
  • Maximum measurement flexibility combined in one platform
  • TruBeam™ concept with evacuated and fully automated optics

With XRDynamic 500, Anton Paar has taken XRD to the next level. A fully automated, multipurpose powder X-ray diffractometer, XRDynamic 500 combines unbeatable data quality and unrivalled measurement efficiency, is designed for intuitive use, and offers a high degree of automation. Thanks to a wide variety of sample stages, components, and non-ambient attachments, XRDynamic 500 is a versatile platform suitable for all powder XRD applications.

View XRDynamic 500

SAXS Instrumentation

  • Leading global expert and pioneer in SAXS solutions
  • Laboratory instruments with the highest data quality
  • Utmost flexibility for your applications

Anton Paar has been pioneering laboratory SAXS instruments for over 60 years. Our highly brilliant, flexible and easy-to-use instruments allow for measurements previously only possible at synchrotron stations – now, they are available in your lab. We are proud to manufacture in-house not only the instruments themselves, but also the advanced sample mounts and stages. This way, you can rely on superior quality and ultimate performance.

View SAXS products

Non-ambient XRD attachments

  • Technology leader with a vast range of options
  • Unbeatable accuracy in temperature measurement and homogeneity
  • Quality driven by experience

Since the 1960s, Anton Paar has been market leader for non-ambient X-ray diffraction attachments and has built up exceptional expertise in this special field of XRD. A broad state-of-the-art portfolio allows you to investigate your samples under, e.g. varying temperature, pressure, and relative humidity. Our stages can be easily mounted to almost any diffractometer with complete integration into the system, for your absolute comfort.

View Non-ambient XRD attachments

X-ray optics and X-ray sources

  • State-of-the-art deposition techniques
  • Global leaders in multilayer optics and monochromator fabrication
  • Sub-atomic precision for X-ray fluorescence reference samples

In 2019, AXO DRESDEN joined the Anton Paar group. A global leader in the production of multilayer monochromators and X-ray mirrors, AXO has more than 20 years of experience in state-of-the-art coating technology. With strong links to research groups worldwide and the flexibility to design tailored solutions, AXO is an experienced inventor of X-ray analysis systems. Drawing from Anton Paar’s strength in the fabrication of X-ray sources and measuring instruments, AXO DRESDEN provides on-point solutions for your experiment tasks.

View AXO portfolio

Publications and educational resources

Selected publications

Anton Paar´s X-ray instruments are used to perform cutting-edge research in a wide variety of application fields. Here’s a selection of some recent publications citing our X-ray analysis instruments:


Inversion of quartz solid solutions at cryogenic temperatures.
Zandona A, Helsch G, Deubener J.: J Am Ceram Soc. 2020;103:6630–6638. doi.org/10.1111/jace.17393


Deep eutectic solvent in water pickering emulsions stabilised by cellulose nanofibrils.
Saffron J. Bryant, et. al.: RSC Adv., 2020, 10, 37023–37027. doi.org/10.1039/D0RA07575B


Laboratory Setup for Scanning-Free Grazing Emission X-ray Fluorescence.
Jonas Baumann et. al.: Analytical Chemistry, 2017, 89, 1965 – 1971. doi.org/10.1021/acs.analchem.6b04449

Experimental verification of the individual energy dependencies of the partial L-shell photoionization cross sections of Pd and Mo.
Philipp Hönicke et. al.: Physical Review Letters, 2014, 113, 163001-163005. doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevLett.113.163001

Anton Paar Wiki pages

X-ray diffraction (XRD)

X-ray diffraction is an important non-destructive analysis method to study a huge variety of materials. Some of its most important applications are phase identification and quantification, microstructure analysis, and crystal structure analysis, amongst many others. Get an introduction to the technique here.

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Non-ambient X-ray diffraction

Varying non-ambient parameters (temperature, pressure, atmosphere, humidity,…) adds a further dimension into your XRD experiment as materials of any kind tend to change their chemical and physical behavior under varying conditions.

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SAXS nanostructure analysis

SAXS is a non-destructive method for investigating nanostructured samples, for example proteins, macromolecules, or nanoparticle dispersions. The technique requires practically no sample preparation and therefore analyzes a material in its original state.

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Anton Paar Guides – Knowledge for your pocket

The Non-ambient Guide

This handy guidebook provides you with a general introduction to the field of non-ambient X-ray diffraction (NA-XRD). The content spans from instrumentation, analysis, and data interpretation to applications and much more.

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The SAXS Guide

Are you new to the field of small-angle X-ray scattering, or do you want to deepen your knowledge? Do you have beam time coming up at the synchrotron or any in-house SAXS instrument? Learn about basic principles, instrument setups, practical aspects, applications, and more.

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X-ray analytical solutions on LinkedIn

Check out the latest industry news and interesting applications. Stay up-to-date with developments in the field of X-ray-based materials characterization directly from the application experts at Anton Paar and AXO DRESDEN. Follow our LinkedIn page and stay informed.

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