• Benchtop Heating Stage BTS 500
  • Benchtop Heating Stage BTS 500
  • Benchtop Heating Stage BTS 500
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Benchtop Heating Stages:
BTS 150 | BTS 500

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The BTS 150 and BTS 500 Benchtop Heating Stages are the first commercial non-ambient stages for XRD studies on benchtop diffractometers. Their unique design is patented and offers all the features a benchtop diffraction application requires - compactness, reliability and ease of use!

Measurements can be performed between –10 °C and 150 °C with the BTS 150 and from ambient to 500 °C with the BTS 500. Both instruments are extremely compact in design to fit into the restricted space of typical benchtop diffractometers.

Key features

Fast and accurate temperature control

  • Temperature range from –10 °C to 150 °C (BTS 150)
    or from ambient to 500 °C (BTS 500)
  • Accurate temperature measurement by a thermo sensor close to the sample
  • Fast heating and cooling

Optimized for ease of operation

  • Easy handling and exchange of samples
  • Easy alignment possibilities
  • High position stability and minimum thermal expansion of sample holder
  • Adjustable beam knife to minimize background at low 2θ
  • Remote control via USB connection possible

Optimized design for benchtop instruments

  • Compact and lightweighted design with integrated temperature controller
  • No external cooling required (only air cooling) for BTS 500 or optional water cooling for BTS 150 at lowest temperatures

Technical specifications

Operating temperature

ambient to 500 °C (BTS 500)
-10 to 150 °C (BTS 150) 

Temperature measurementPt100
AtmosphereVacuum (10-1 mbar), air, inert gas, nitrogen
Angle of incidence (2Θ)0 to 164°
Max. operating pressure1 bar above atmospheric pressure
Sample holder materialNickel or ceramics (Al2O3)
Sample size16 x 14 mm

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