Primux 50 Micro: Microfocus X-ray source system

After many years of successful partnership between the analytical instrument manufacturer Anton Paar and the multilayer X-ray optics specialist AXO DRESDEN (since 2019 part of the Anton Paar group), we present the Primux 50 microfocus X-ray source system, built in close collaboration.
It's a microfocus source based on the successful Primux 100 by Anton Paar, optimized for combination with tailored multilayer optics for any kind of application, as well as upgrades of most commercial or lab-built set-ups. In addition to high stability, a geometry made for the smallest beam with the highest intensity, and flexible options depending on customer demands, Primux 50 also facilitates the exchange of the X-ray tube by the user without the need for expensive service visits. The customer receives a tailor-made, high-precision, long-life product for many fields of X-ray analytical applications as well as research and development.

Content of the webinar:

  • General info about AXO DRESDEN’s multilayer manufacturing technology
  • Presentation of the Primux 50 microfocus X-ray source system
  • Technical parameters and applications
  • Possibility to ask questions to our X-ray source specialists

Target group:

  • Anyone interested in X-ray analytical solutions, in particular multilayer X-ray optics and microfocus X-ray sources
  • Anyone who needs to purchase a new microfocus X-ray source, or replace one, with or without optics
  • Anyone wanting to boost the performance of an old instrument
  • Anyone looking for flexible solutions for various X-ray applications
Dr. Markus Krämer, Bartek Lechowski (English)
Markus Krämer

Dr. Markus Krämer obtained his PhD in Physics from the University of Dortmund for his work about Synchrotron Radiation Induced X-ray Standing Waves and X-ray Reflectivity Measurements in Material Analysis. He spent one year as a Post-Doc at Osaka Electro-Communication University (OECU) in Neyagawa, Osaka, Japan, in the development of curved X‑ray optics. In 2008, he joined AXO DRESDEN GmbH, now a subsidiary of Anton Paar, as project manager for optics design and simulation and now works in the key account management to provide customers with optimized, tailor-made multilayer solutions.

Bartek Lechowski

Bartek Lechowski joined AXO DRESDEN in 2013. He is a specialist in X-ray sources and with more than a decade of experience in X-ray solutions he is one of the key figures within the R&D activities for the new Primux 50 Microfocus X-ray Source System.