Powder Rheology 2: Methods for Powder Characterization and Anton Paar Powder Rheology


The second introductory webinar in the webinar series on powder rheology gives an overview of different methods for powder characterization - what they do, how they work, and for which applications they are useful.

Understanding a powder can be crucial for its processing, transport and storage. Knowing a powder's properties and behavior, like its flowability or cohesion, helps to run quality control but also to study powders in R&D or when up-scaling from R&D to high volumes. There is a large range of methods which enable the study of powders under different conditions and for different applications. It can be difficult to choose the right method as it depends on whether the samples are fluidized, deaerated, or consolidated, and how they are handled, processed, or stored. For example, to understand pneumatic conveying or a fluidized bed reactor, very different tests have to be run than if the caking in a silo is of interest. 

Tarih: 2018-10-04, 11:00 - 11:30 (EDT UTC-04)
Dil: English
Eğitmen: Dr. Timothy Aschl

İlgili kişi ve kayıt:
Andreas Köck
Tel.: +43 - 316 - 257 - 3720

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