Backstage: Administration

"We work together to provide great service to our current and potential customer base."

Renate, Administration | Anton Paar USA, Inc.

The Administration department is one of the core teams in our organization. Within the department, we have integral parts that ensure the continued success of the subsidiary; those integral parts include, but are not limited to, material management, human resources, legal, customer service, accounting, controlling, and warehouse.

It has been a pleasure to work for an organization with a global footprint such as Anton Paar. Throughout the years, Anton Paar has continued to deliver quality and innovative technology, and build upon their longstanding partnerships with customers in multiple industries.

Quality also plays an important role in the Administration department, which does an excellent job of bridging the business and technical aspects of the work on a daily basis. We are responsible for ensuring that the company runs smoothly: from the Customer Support team which helps our Sales team with issuing quotations, processing orders, and guaranteeing an efficient invoicing process to the Material Management and Warehouse team which makes sure that all instruments are delivered safely to our customers. The Administration team is also responsible for making sure our processes are adhered to and run smoothly. Our HR colleagues take care of getting the best employees on board and make sure they are well taken care of during their time with us. And there are still more topics we are responsible for: our legal representatives ensure that we operate in a sound legal environment and our Controlling and Accounting colleagues prepare all financial information to enable our managers to make well-informed decisions based on valid data.

One of the joys of working for Anton Paar is that I continuously learn about new ideas and strategies that lead to growth and future success for the organization. Growth and change are two certainties when working for Anton Paar. Looking back on many years with the company, I’m proud to have experienced the growth within the organization. When I started in 2003, Anton Paar USA comprised 28 employees. Fast forward to 2019 and we have over 200 employees and two-digit growth rates yearly. As the subsidiary expands further, I’m excited to face new challenges. There is great fulfillment in being able to accommodate a special request or need for change for either an internal or external stakeholder. When seeking employment, an applicant should look for an organization where they can find purpose. Anton Paar is an organization that creates purpose, not only for me but for the whole Administration department and everyone else in the workforce. I enjoy hearing feedback from 90-day performance reviews where employees speak highly of their experience with the company. I look forward to continued excellence at Anton Paar.