Backstage: Mechanical Engineering & Design

"Fascinating and challenging – from the first stroke of a pencil to the final instrument."

Gernot, Mechanics Developer | Anton Paar GmbH

The mechanics of our instruments play a vital role in the economic success of our serial products. The conception of the instrument, the layout of its components, and the detailing of its construction are the basic steps in designing measuring instruments. However, in mechanics development our responsibilities stretch way beyond these steps. Our tasks include the computational optimization of components and the definition of pretests, which we then run. We also work closely with the mechanical production and production technology departments in order to come to an agreement regarding the feasibility of our designs.

Assembling and testing prototypes are tasks that require dexterity and help us deepen our understanding for mechanical connections and functions. At the same time we gain knowledge and experience which comes in handy for our serial products.

I started at Anton Paar in 2012 as a mechanics developer. Due to my previous experience in high-precision mechanics and sensor technology I was given the task of developing a high-precision optical instrument to measure particle sizes and surface charge. In a very motivated, newly formed team we developed this new instrument that can measure the size of particles down to 0.3 nanometers. It has been successful on the market for a number of years now.

What fascinates me in my job apart from designing complex components, modules, and devices is “puzzling” over constructions in order to have them provide all required functions and USPs. What is particularly motivating at Anton Paar is that I get to make a contribution throughout all production steps – starting from the first stroke of a pencil until the final product launch.

A vital factor for the success of a project is the professional dialog with the mechanical production. Having conversations directly at the machines has often brought excellent ideas. This shows that learning from each other is happening for real at Anton Paar. It’s also one of the most genuinely uplifting experiences to hold the components that I’ve drafted. And it’s great when the first assemblies and functional tests are conducted.

I think dedication and enthusiasm are the most important things in mechanics development. To provide solutions down to the smallest detail requires the careful creation of production drawings. This is where a particular principle applies to me: A neat and accurate sketch is the signature left under a successful construction.