Flavors and fragrances

Getting the most information out of small volumes

Concentration, purity, viscosity, and more – knowledge about these parameters is required to unlock the secrets of the raw materials and formulations used in the production of flavors and fragrances. Manufacturing chemical flavors, aromas, and perfumes which will be accepted and endorsed by consumers demands measuring instrumentation for use in rigorous quality testing and during the research phase. Anton Paar provides stand-alone instruments and modular systems which can be set to determine many parameters in automated measurement cycles. 

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Abel Flash Point Tester:

Automated Tapped Density Analyzers:
Autotap Dual Station 220V / 50HZ

Automated Tapped Density Analyzers:
Autotap Single Station 220V / 50HZ

Benchtop Density Meter:

Compact Digital Density Meter:
DMA 1001

Compact Digital Refractometer:

Compact Raman Spectrometers:
Cora 5001

The Type U L-Cor 8000 Coriolis mass flow meter from the front

Coriolis Flow Meter:
L-Cor 8000

The Type B L-Cor 4000 Coriolis mass flow meter from the front

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter:

The Type B L-Cor 4000 Coriolis mass flow meter from the front

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter:
L-Cor 4000

Density and Sound Velocity Concentration Sensor:
L-Com 5500

Density Meter:
DMA 4200 M

Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument:
Litesizer DLS

FTIR Spectrometer:
Lyza 7000

Fully Automated Benchtop Rheometer:
HTR 3000

The Type S L-Cor 6000 Coriolis mass flow meter from the front

Hygienic Flow Meter:

The Type S L-Cor 6000 Coriolis mass flow meter from the front

Hygienic Flow Meter:
L-Cor 6000

Inline Density Meter:
L-Dens 3300

Inline Density Meter:
L-Dens 7400

Inline Density Meter:
L-Dens 7500

Microwave Digestion Platform:
Multiwave 5000

Microwave Reactor:

Microwave Reactor:
Monowave 200

Microwave Reactor:
Monowave 400

Microwave Reactor:
Monowave 450

Modular Compact Polarimeter:

Modular Compact Rheometer:
MCR 702e MultiDrive

Modular Compact Rheometer:
MCR 702e Space MultiDrive

Modular Polarimeter:

Multiparameter Analyzing System:

Multiparameter Analyzing System:
Modulyzer Flavors & Fragrances

Multiparameter Analyzing System:
Modulyzer Turbidity

Oxidation Stability Tester:
RapidOxy 100 Standard

Pensky-Martens Flash Point Tester:
PMA 500

Portable Density Meter:
DMA 35 Standard

Rolling-Ball Viscometer:
Lovis 2000 M/ME

Rotational Viscometer:

TAG Flash Point Tester:
TAG 300

TAG Flash Point Tester:
TAG 500

Vapor Sorption Volumetric Gas Sorption Analyzer:
VSTAR 2 Station

Vapor Sorption Volumetric Gas Sorption Analyzer:
VSTAR 2 Station Turbo

Vapor Sorption Volumetric Gas Sorption Analyzer:
VSTAR 4 Station

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Small sample quantity for a comprehensive result

When determining different parameters it is not always possible to use a high volume of sample. Sometimes there is only a small sample quantity available or the liquid to be analyzed is expensive. You want to use the smallest sample volume possible in order to keep costs low. Anton Paar has several instruments and accessories which offer a practical solution requiring only a small sample volume. Filling a few milliliters into a multiparameter setup such as Modulyzer gives an output of results for density, refractive index, and optical rotation. The sample can be recovered after the measurement. Measurement modules for viscosity, turbidity, and pH can also be added to the system.

No cross-contamination

With Anton Paar instruments there is no risk of contaminating your measured sample with previous samples. You can rely on analysis free of contamination and carry-over. Your results will be highly accurate and there is also the option to recover your samples.

The highest quality for wholesome products

A pure substance is the basis for a wholesome product. The high quality of ingredients can be ensured by measurement of densityrefractive indexspecific and optical rotationoxidation stabilityviscosityRaman spectroscopy, and flash point. All these parameters can be determined by Anton Paar instruments.

Support of the production of flavors and fragrances

With our broad product range, we provide instrumentation for every situation to help you tackle your daily challenges. From raw material monitoring to formulation checks and quality control, we have the right instrument for your needs. When researching new natural or artificial flavoring, perfumes, essential oils, e-liquids, syrups, food extracts, liquid fragrances, or cosmetics, Anton Paar’s instruments help you gain insight into material properties.

Automated filling, draining, and cleaning

Using an automatic sample changer from the Xsample series is a must when there are many samples to be measured each day. Automating this step means errors caused by manual sample filling are avoided. Using customized vials full of sample straight from production saves time. In addition, the original bar code can be used for identification. With an Xsample sample changer you can apply different methods for each single sample within one magazine. The different samples are then assigned to different filling, draining, and cleaning routines, using up to three different solvents. Anton Paar’s sample changers are space-saving and quiet, so they won’t disturb other people at work in the laboratory.



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